Vampires have gone through quite the evolution on screen and the beauty of the sub-genre is that there are so many ways you can depict them. No matter your taste in genre, there’s something for everyone.

A horror fan? Well, there is no shortage of efforts to sink your teeth into, from Dracula to The Transfiguration.

On the other hand, you have plenty of titles short on scares and big on style, such as The Lost Boys, Only Lovers Left Alive, and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – to name a few.

As well as possessing the power to seduce and entice, they can also make us laugh to our heart’s content, and perhaps no better film illustrates that than What We Do In the Shadows, which fortunately spawned a terrific TV series that similarly fulfills the ingenious premise’s potential.

Audiences were recently welcomed to bite down on a double-episode premiere after being invited back for the third batch of episodes. Needless to say, we’re hooked on the show once again, so let’s put a mirror in front of the What We Do in the Shadows season 3 episode 3 air date…


What We Do in the Shadows season 3 episode 3 air date

  • The third episode of the third season is scheduled to air on FX at 10 pm ET on Thursday, September 9th 2021.

If you’re busy on that date and are worried you’ll miss out, then not to worry. You can also stream all episodes the day after they air on FX on Hulu.

The episode already has a title – ‘Gail’ – and was directed by Kyle Newacheck, who previously helmed the first episode ‘The Prisoner’. Marika Sawyer serves as the episode’s writer.

Looking back, the first two episodes premiered on Thursday, September 2nd 2021, giving eager fans a much-appreciated double helping of the comedy gem.

As for what else to expect, much like the previous two seasons, there will be 10 episodes of season 3 to devour. Taking this into consideration, if there are no hiatuses we can expect to witness the finale at the end of October.

What We Do in the Shadows | Season 3 Trailer

What We Do in the Shadows | Season 3 Trailer

Getting out of “this big mess”


Audiences have long speculated about what to expect from new episodes and the series creator -Jemaine Clement – hilariously addressed the season 2 cliffhanger while chatting with Entertainment Weekly:

“I’m leaving them with this big problem to work out. I think it’s a good idea to end on a big cliffhanger, we did the same thing last season. Now they can figure out how to get out of this big mess.”

However, Digital Spy notes that producer Paul Simms revealed: “I will say that the vampires do get hellhounds to protect them.”

Executive producer Stefani Robinson also announced “plans for the show to go into completely different directions” while attending the virtual PaleyFest panel. So, there’s lots to look forward to. Speaking of which…

It won’t stay dead for long

You’ll be glad to learn that What We Do in the Shadows has already been renewed for season 4.

Variety broke the news in August and included comment from Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX entertainment: “Fans can’t seem to get enough of What We Do in the Shadows and FX is ready to feed that appetite by setting up the series for a fourth season.

He added: “Our thanks to the extraordinary job by the creative team, cast, and crew who keep making a great show better each season.”

It’s expected to arrive in 2022.

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