Jordan Fish did not hold back in a string of tweets, seemingly exposing her NASCAR driver boyfriend, Denny Hamlin. Fish also took to Instagram to post a rather cryptic story.

The Twitter account has since been deleted. So, what’s going on?

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What did Jordan Fish tweet about Denny Hamlin?

E-commerce entrepreneur Jordan Fish seemingly called out her boyfriend, Denny Hamlin on Twitter this week.

It’s not currently clear what has happened between the two, but one thing is for sure: it seems pretty messy.

Through a series of tweets, Jordan Fish wrote: “I have been quiet for far too long. And I have endured things no one person should EVER have to endure, and today was no exception. Denny Hamlin I hope everyone will finally see you for the person you truly are.

“Myself and our children deserve better than what you have given. I cannot believe I ever thought that someone like you could change. Because you cannot. You have a long road ahead of you, and one I graciously no longer will be apart of. Have a great life Denny Hamlin.”

Denny Hamlin was reportedly tagged in both tweets.

According to this source, the Twitter account was then deleted, which led many to believe that the social media profile might have been hacked. However, this theory was later somewhat debunked when Fish took to Instagram to post a cryptic story.

Honing in on a book with the words “you are worthy” underlined, Jordan captioned the IG story: “Some words you might need to hear today.”

The Instagram account is now private.

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NASCAR driver’s relationship explored

Before her E-commerce entrepreneur days, Jordan Fish was a member of the Lady Cats, the dance group for the Charlotte Bobcats. Way back in 2007, Fish reportedly asked Hamlin to support her in the Miss South Carolina event. Afterward, the two went to dinner and, well, the rest is history.

The couple now share two children together, Taylor James Hamlin, 8, and Molly Gold Hamlin, 4.

Evidently, the pair have been involved with each other long-term, despite never tying the knot. Now, though, things are looking pretty rocky.

At the time of publishing, Denny Hamlin is yet to respond to Fish’s tweets.

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