Vlex Galindo has faced criticism for comments he made in a now-deleted tweet. He took to Twitter and shared a lengthy apology to his followers following the backlash.

The social media influencer, who has over 600,000 followers on Instagram, found himself in hot water over a post he shared on Twitter this week.

A number of his followers said that they were offended by his remarks – here’s what happened.

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Who is Vlex Galindo?

Vlex Galindo, aka Alex ‘Vlex’ Galindo, is a 26-year-old social media personality from the US.

He gained popularity in 2017 when he started posting regular content on his Instagram account where he has 619k followers.

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Apart from his Instagram profile, Vlex also has a YouTube channel with 214k subscribers.

He previously launched his own clothing brand, called Vlexin’.

What was Vlex Galindo’s tweet?

On September 1st, Vlex landed in hot water for comments he made in a Twitter post.

He said: “*** work a s****y 9-5 all day long and still have the energy to come home and take shots at me on the internet. Get some rest bro i know you gota get up early n do it all again tomorrow.”

A lot of his followers said that they found the post offensive as many of them are people who have a 9-to-5 job and support his online business.

“That tweet was offensive though, you were trying to belittle a 9-5 worker,” wrote one Twitter user. “Which most of the people that spend their money on your brand comes from jobs like that. People that have to put money to the side just to buy one of your shirts. You live and you learn.”

“We don’t got time to read your apology since we have to work our 9-5,” responded another follower.

Meanwhile, another follower pointed out that Vlex referred to a specific person or people in his tweet, explaining: “I saw nothing wrong with the tweet and found no offense. If you been following him and know who he is then you shouldn’t have been offended by that tweet. I completely understood what he was trying to say and know he wasn’t trying to cause any harm. Keep doing you Alex.”

Vlex apologised to his followers

Following the backlash, Vlex apologised to the followers that might have got upset from his comments and shared a lengthy message on Twitter.

He said: “I understand 100% why my words have been taken and been misinterpreted the wrong way. I failed to acknowledge how broad such a statement could be and how bad it could make someone feel.

“In no way shape or form did I mean to offend or criticize anyone of their hard work. I am completely aware that I am where I am because of people who get up every day and choose to spend their hard earned money supporting myself. I’ve always expressed my gratitude to my supporters in every way shape or form every chance that I get.”

You can find his full apology down below.

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