Netflix has only just launched their latest original animated title, Q-Force, but will the LGBTQ+ series be renewed for season 2?

LGTBQ+ representation on both the big and small screens has been a central issue for production companies and streaming platforms for many years.

Specifically on Netflix, there has been a plethora of fantastic series that told the story of LGBTQ+ characters.

The streaming giant has recently added a new series to their already vast catalogue of animated content with Q-Force.

Q-Force was only released on Thursday, September 1st, but many fans have already binged the entire 10-episode season and are now wondering what the future holds with season 2.

Q-FORCE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Q-FORCE | Official Trailer | Netflix

Has Q-Force been renewed for season 2?

  • At the time of writing, Netflix has not officially renewed Q-Force for a second season, with the series’ future now dependent on views following disappointing reviews.

There may not be an official word on Q-Force’s future, but the decision on a potential second season will now be entirely dependent on the number of people who watch the series on Netflix. This is because the series has experienced somewhat of a mixed reaction from fans and critics alike.

CBR’s Reuben Baron said that whilst the series “has its heart in the right place and has little that could offend any adults in the queer community” Q-Force suffers from being “not very funny.”

This was an opinion echoed by Daniel D’Addario from Variety, who stated that “If quality were measured in good intentions, Q-Force might be the show of the year.”

However, similar criticisms persisted with the show lacking a central presence needed to pull the entire narrative together.

Other critics have been a little harsher towards Q-Force, with AV Club titling their review “Netflix’s Q-Force is as soulless as a Drag Race acting challenge.”

“It’s like scrolling through the drafted tweets of Gay Twitter Comedians or sifting through the outtakes for a gay podcast, where every other sentence in a conversation involves a name-drop of a pop star or actress and a catty observation about them.” – Juan Barquin, via AV Club.

The good news is that even if the streaming numbers are lower than expected, the streaming giant will want to continue producing such a socially-poignant series like Q-Force.

The platform already has several LGBTQ+ focused titles and has demonstrated multi-seasonal commitment to various original animated titles. Therefore, if Q-Force is watched by enough people, the streaming giant will be encouraged to renew the series for season 2 despite the disappointing reviews.

Thankfully, the critics have already laid down a marker for season 2, with one concluding that “a hypothetical next season would do well to focus on getting the fundamentals of character and tone nailed down.”

“That’s a mission that, given what strengths are already in evidence on a flawed but promising series, ought to be entirely possible.” – Daniel D’Addario, via Variety.

Should Q-Force be renewed for a second season, HITC expects the series to return to Netflix in April 2022 at the earliest.

LGTBQ+ animated series to check out…

Finished binge-watching Q-Force? Well, there are plenty of other fantastic animated LGBTQ+ series available to watch online.

The most obvious choices after Q-Force are She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Super Drags and The Hollow, all are available on Netflix.

Other series you should check out include Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and Steven Universe on Netflix; Amphibia and The Owl House on Disney; and Yuri on Ice and Given anime series on Crunchyroll.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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