The characters are certainly strangers to us, but the talents playing them sure aren’t.

With each passing year, it becomes ever-clearer that some of the mightiest names in film are making just as big of a mark on the TV landscape.

The medium continues to become more prestigious and productions such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Better Call Saul – to name just a few – have proven that the episodic format can provide audiences with an experience still best described as cinematic.

A-list stars certainly help boost a show, and Nine Perfect Strangers has nothing to worry about in that department.

Developed by David E. Kelley and John-Henry Butterworth, this 2021 miniseries is based on Liane Moriarty’s 2018 novel of the same name and follows a group of varied characters as they descend upon a unique retreat.

Viewers have found themselves captivated from the very beginning and we’re all eager for our next treatment at Tranquillum House. So, when is the Nine Perfect Strangers episode 6 release date?

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Nine Perfect Strangers episode 6 release date

  • The sixth episode premieres on Hulu in the US on Wednesday, September 8th 2021. In the UK, on the other hand, it arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 10th 2021.

It has already been given a title – ‘Motherlode’ – and will follow up the events of ‘Sweet Surrender’.

With another installment in our sights, it’s worth looking even further ahead. How many more episodes do we have left to go?

Well, there will be 8 episodes in total. Taking this into consideration, US audiences will be invited to tune into the finale from Wednesday, September 22nd, while UK fans can check it out shortly after on Friday, September 24th 2021.

There has already been speculation and hopes of the show being renewed for another season. However, it’s unlikely considering that it’s billed as a mini-series and the 8 episodes are expected to offer a complete adaptation of the novel.

However, co-creator David E. Kelley’s previous series – Big Little Lies, also starring Nicole Kidman – was later renewed despite similarly being billed as a mini-series. Perhaps we could see the writers develop new chapters down the line, deviating from the source material they’ve already worked with.

Everybody Has A Story | Nine Perfect Strangers | Hulu

Everybody Has A Story | Nine Perfect Strangers | Hulu

Let’s refresh our memories


In 2021, a week can feel like a year and it’s easy to forget what happened in an episode of TV.

That’s why we’ve decided to share a recap of episode 5.

It’s Zoe’s 21st and she is plagued with visions of her deceased twin. Meanwhile, the rest of the group opens up about the vivid dreams and nightmares that they’ve been experiencing. It’s suggested that these are a result of the hallucinogens that Masha ordered.

For example, Lars says that he gave birth to Tony’s child in his dream. Frances also hallucinates at breakfast, imagining a visit from the man who deceived her, Paul.

As the day presses on, Tony is forced to grapple with powerful memories. Meanwhile, Ben and Jessica contemplate the idea of relinquishing their riches and wealth as they grow increasingly nostalgic for their less complicated past.

Delilah and Masha have a deep conversation and Delilah tells the leader that they shouldn’t be sleeping with Yao. The pair kiss and decide it’s best to conceal the moment from the others.

Later on, they all meet for Zoe’s birthday and Masha catches the girl staring into space – she thinks she is looking at Zach – and whispers “you’re the key” in her ear.

“It was very easy to succumb…”

In conversation with Collider, Michael Shannon (who plays Napoleon Marconi) was asked what it was like working with Nicole Kidman (Masha Dmitrichenko), with the interviewer noting her “complex dynamic”:

“She does, and she pulls it off so beautifully. I remember thinking, ‘Those are such big shoes to fill’… Nicole just inherently possesses this ethereal, magical quality… The first day she came on the set, just immediately her charisma took over and it was very easy to succumb to it and to be seduced by it.”

Both Michael, Nicole, and the likes of Melissa McCarthy (Frances Welty) have all earned praise for their performances, and for good reason.

Nine Perfect Strangers is now streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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