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Is Mayoreo Heinz real or fake? Sauce blend has Twitter users confused

Amber Peake

Twitter users are wondering whether Heinz have added Mayoreo, a sauce featuring both mayonnaise and Oreo biscuits, to their Mixed By Heinz range as a picture of a bottle is shared online. We explore whether Mayoreo Heinz is real or fake.

Is Mayoreo Heinz real or fake?

While Heinz have combined some rather odd sauces in their Mixed By Heinz range, the mayonnaise and Oreo combo, Mayoreo, is fake.

Some eagle-eyed users online spotted the Mayoreo Heinz picture, which has gone viral on Twitter, featured the words Doctor Photograph written on the top of the label.

The watermark relates to the digital creator who first posted the picture on their Instagram under the handle @doctorphotograph.

The Mayoreo sauce edit is one of many bizarre combinations seen on their page, including nacho Oreos and Subway canned sandwiches.

Although this is not the first time, users online have debated whether Mayoreo Heinz is real or fake. In 2019, a similar concept was shared on both Twitter and Facebook.

I chase my shots with this stuff 😋 (Facebook: Raul Hernandez)

Posted by Worst Buy on Monday, September 21, 2020

Twitter users react to the odd mayonnaise combination

Doctor Photograph posted the Mayoreo edit to Instagram on Wednesday, 23 June. The photo has since gone viral on Twitter as many share their reactions to the fake mayonnaise and Oreo combo.

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What sauce mashups have Heinz released?

While Mayoreo is not a part of the Mixed By Heinz range the brand has combined a variety of unique sauces.

One of the first sauce mashups was released in 2019 and featured Mayomust and Mayocue, which saw mayonnaise paired with mustard and barbecue sauce respectively.

Many more blends have since been released and, in March, Heinz announced the company would add Tarchup, Wasabioli and Hanch to the mashup range.