**WARNING – Major Clickbait Spoilers Ahead**

It may be over a week since Netflix premiered the intriguing miniseries Clickbait, but fans of the plot-twisting show are still mulling over the events and questioning every angle.

The thriller deals in crime and catfishing as Adrian Grenier’s Nick Brewer is kidnapped in relation to an online crime. As the audience does their share of detective work, so do the people closest to Nick, slowly unraveling the sinister twists and turns at the heart of this dramatic tale.

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Did Nick Brewer Really Cheat on Sophie?

  • It’s a little blurred, but it appears as if Nick did not cheat on Sophie, at least physically. While it may seem like Nick was unfaithful to Sophie within the dating app, the conclusion clears some of the fog surrounding his implied infidelity.

We saw Dawn, Nick’s prior co-worker, begin her catfishing endeavor on Nick’s dating profile after she saw messages from Mandy Harrison, whom Nick had been contacting.

Once Dawn resumed Nick’s interaction with Mandy, we saw that Nick got cold feet about speaking to Mandy and subsequently stopped responding to her. This proves that Nick never cheated on Sophie with Mandy, but instead flirted with the idea of having a fling.

However, Pia and Sophie did discover that Nick had had relationships with women online in the past, proving that his loyalty was not squeaky clean.

We then see Dawn picking up the conversation with Mandy, using the password Nick told her prior, proceeding to spawn multiple fake accounts using his photo.


Did Nick Really Tell Sarah to Take Her Own Life?

  • No, Nick is off the hook for allegedly orchestrating the heinous crime of encouraging Sarah to take her own life.

Simon, Sarah’s brother, kidnapped Nick because he believed that Nick was the one behind Sarah’s death. However, Simon eventually noticed that the picture of Nick and Sophie had been photoshopped and opted to let Nick go.

In the end, it was revealed that Dawn was the one behind all of the catfishing and she had been the one to tell Sarah to take her own life.

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