In August, Drake announced the release of his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy, and September 3rd is all fans can talk about.

In his announcement post on Instagram, Drake shared the album cover art for Certified Lover Boy and the reactions were a mixed bag. Some people were big fans of the cover, which features twelve cartoon pregnant women, while others were less than keen.

Rumours of a Certified Lover Boy leak have been circulating online, but some Drake fans aren’t convinced that the leak is the real deal. Here’s all we know…

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Certified Lover Boy leak rumours circulate

As the release date for the album approaches, rumours over a Certified Lover Boy leak have been circulating online.

Some people have been sharing links on Twitter, claiming that the album had been leaked, while others seemed to think that the leaked tracks are old news and had already gotten out a year ago.

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Other fans weren’t sure what to think but wanted to wait until the official release date of the album to give it a listen.

Drake fans rebuff Certified Lover Boy leak rumours

While some people were excited at the thought of getting their hands on the album early, other Drake fans remained unconvinced that the leak was the Certified Lover Boy album.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “That CLB leak that’s been out for like a year is not the album. Not one of those songs probably going to be on there.”

Another said: “People claiming they got the CLB leak but it’s the same leaked songs that been out for over a year. I don’t thinks that’s CLB bro.”

Either way, with the album scheduled for release on September 3rd, we don’t have to wait long to see what Drake has in store for us.

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