You’ve likely seen ‘Day off Twitch’ trending on social media today (September 1st) – but what actually is it and how can you get involved?

The movement is in aid of a pretty important cause, making efforts to better protect its creators.

If you’re unfamiliar, Twitch is an online streaming platform, predominantly used in the gaming community.

What is the ‘Day off Twitch’ movement?

In short, the movement is urging those who use the streaming platform to step away from it for the day (September 1st).

Twitch has lately been scrutinised for failing to protect its creators from toxic or abusive behaviour on the platform. As per Game Rant, users have noticed that some streamers have been flooded with slurs, hate messages, and all-around unacceptable speech. This is likely due to ‘sock puppet accounts’, which are similar to troll accounts, with the sole purpose to spread hate.

Some users feel as though Twitch and its higher-ups aren’t doing enough to stop harassment and hate raids on the platform, hence the movement.

It’s worth mentioning that the platform is predominantly run by its creators and online users – so demanding change directly from the source could actually create huge impact!

How to get involved with the temporary boycott

If, like many others, you feel passionate about changing the way that Twitch operates, you can get involved with the movement.

  • Essentially, you just need to stay off of the platform for today (September 1st) and raise awareness of the cause.

A large proportion of social media users are sharing infographics, tweets, and other forms of media to spread the word. Likewise, the hashtag ‘#DayOffTwitch’ is also making the rounds on Twitter.

How other streamers are supporting the cause

If you’re an avid Twitter scroller, you’ve likely seen #DayOffTwitch placed in every third post!

Take a look at how these streamers are supporting the cause:

An informative graphic

Sharing articles

Encouraging tweets

Spreading the hashtag

Props to Twitch streamers for demanding a safer online community!

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