There are many great things about TV, but one of the best things about the medium is that it allows us to explore intriguing and exciting worlds.

Whether they share a resemblance to ours or not, it doesn’t matter. From fantasy to drama – or both combined – there is simply so much potential to explore.

Shows can be frightening, uncomfortable, but above all, they can be so damn entertaining.

In the case of Wentworth, audiences can experience the perils and tensions of prison without ever having to get up from the sofa. While this may not sound like an enticing proposition to some, it certainly is to many.

Created by Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, and Reg Watson, this Australian series premiered on SoHo in 2013 and is actually a revised take on Prisoner, a show which aired throughout the 80s.

Its popularity has grown significantly with each season and now the second part of the eighth is upon us; despite being part 2, it is often just referred to as season 9.

We’re already into it, so let’s consider the Wentworth season 9 episode 3 release date and where to watch…

Fox Showcase

Wentworth season 9 episode 3: Release date and where to watch

The third episode premieres in Australia on Tuesday, September 7th 2021 at 8:30 pm on Fox Showcase.

It has already been given a title – ‘The Ties That Bind’ – and will follow up on the events of ‘Requiem’.

If you’re watching in the UK, then Wentworth Prison will continue on the free-to-air channel 5STAR on the very same date at 10 pm BST.

Both territories can, fortunately, tune in live, but if you’re busy that night then streaming is an option. Australian fans can stream the episode on Foxtel Now and Finder notes that Fox Showcase is available with the Essentials pack, priced at $25 a month.

If you’re a new customer, on the other hand, then you’re also in luck, as you can begin a 10-day free trial. It’s worth mentioning that previous seasons are also accessible with Foxtel on-demand or Foxtel Now too.

Now for the UK fans, all you have to do is jump over to the My5 streaming service where new episodes will be added weekly once they hit screens on 5Star. Again, previous seasons are ready to binge for those who are aching for a Wentworth marathon.

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

How many years on the sentence?

By years, we mean episodes and the answer is 10.

Season 8 was essentially split into two parts, with the first being called ‘Redemption’ and the second suitably titled ‘The Final Sentence’.

Taking this into consideration, it’s sad to say that Wentworth will officially come to its conclusion in 2021, marking the end of an era.

If episodes continue to air weekly without disruption or hiatus then audiences can expect to bid farewell to their favourite characters at the end of October. So, as the end of the road looms in the distance, you won’t want to miss out on any episodes.

We’ve arguably already been treated to some of the show’s most memorable moments, and there will surely be plenty more where that came from once ‘The Ties That Bind’ arrives.

A stressful send-off

After working together on the project for years, you would assume that the cast and crew were able to say goodbye to Wentworth properly, right?

Not exactly, because a certain pandemic affected filming big time.

As noted by the Daily Mail, shooting the final episodes was challenging and Kate Atkinson (who plays Vera Bennett) revealed: “We were royally ripped off, actually. We couldn’t do any of those little rituals [like a wrap party]. We couldn’t even go in for a hug.”

It’s unlikely to dampen the overall experience of working on the show though, with Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith) arguing: “For me, that was the beauty of Wentworth, [forming] some fantastic friendships and some really strong creative relationships as well.”

The cast may not have been able to go in for a hug, but the show’s biggest fans may be in desperate need of one when that finale hits screens.

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