Michael Richards, the new host of Jeopardy was recently fired, amidst backlash over the ‘comments’ he made in a 2014 podcast. Since then fans have been rallying for YouTuber, Matthew Patrick, to be chosen as the successor.

The NBC show lost its beloved host Alex Trebek in November last year. Now, ahead of the 38th season’s premiere, the show finds itself without a permanent host, as Michael was fired from the role last month.

Amidst all the controversy surrounding the show lately, YouTuber Matthew posted a video on August 31, expressing his interest in becoming Jeopardy’s host.

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Who is Matthew Patrick?

Matthew, whose screen name is MatPat, is a popular American internet star. The 34-year-old runs four highly successful channels on YouTube – The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, The Food Theorists and GTLive.

These channels collectively have close to 28 million subscribers on the platform, making Matthew one of the world’s biggest creators.

The YouTube star started his first channel, MatthewPatrick13, in 2009. Matthew, who always had a keen interest in performing arts, posted videos from his auditions for musical theatre at the time.

In 2011, he uploaded the first episode of Game Theory (now known as The Game Theorists), where he discussed the relationship between reality and gaming with reference to science, math and culture. His subsequent videos on the channel became really popular. The Game Theorists has over 14.5 million subscribers now.

Following the success of his previous venture, Matthew started The Film theorists in 2015, where he posted videos about the film and television industry. The channel has amassed over 10 million subscribers now.

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Fans rally for the YouTuber to host Jeopardy

Matthew took to his YouTube channel, The Film Theorists, yesterday (August 31), and posted the video titled “Film Theory: I SOLVED The Jeopardy Host Controversy.”

The 18-minute video sees the star analyzing the hosts of the game show since its inception. Towards the end, the YouTuber expressed an interest in becoming Jeopardy’s new host. He listed his previous hosting credits in the video and presented them as audition tapes for the show.

Matthew went on to mention the names of other YouTube personalities who, according to him, could be befitting hosts of the show. He started, “I am convinced that I or any of the other YouTubers I have mentioned would be great for that role.”

“I want to host Jeopardy, it will be a dream come true,” Matthew said. He further urged his fans to help him get the show’s producers attention in two weeks.

Fans who wish to support Matthew can sign a change.org petition started by the YouTuber. He further urged his fans to tweet @Jeopardy and use #WhoisMatPat to get the showrunners’ attention.

Since Matthew posted the YouTube video, many fans have taken to Twitter to bring Jeopardy’s attention to his work. At the time of writing, over 40,500 people have signed his change.org petition.

Why was ex-host Michael Richards fired?

In a recent update, it was revealed that Michael, who stepped down as Jeopardy’s host last week, was also removed from his role as executive producer.

The 46-year-old was only handed the job in early August. However, shortly after the appointment, the host’s previous ‘offensive’ comments surfaced on the internet.

A report in The Ringer, dug up some of the comments he had made in 2014 while hosting the podcast “The Randumb Show.” The report states that Michael had repeatedly used “offensive language” to describe women’s bodies. He reportedly also made offensive comments about Jewish people. 

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