Netflix has just launched the latest season of their Kuroko’s Basketball dubbing, but why is the hit anime series unlikely to return for season 4?

The vast majority of anime fans are in agreement that the most popular sports anime of all time is Haikyuu, but it’s a close race for second with the likes of Yuri on Ice, Slam Dunk and Kuroko’s Basketball.

The latter series has seen a notable resurgence with Western audiences over the past year, with streaming giant Netflix releasing an original English dubbed version.

Whilst the series is currently sitting at an incredible 8.1/10 on MyAnimeList with over 500,000 reviews, why is Kuroko’s Basketball unlikely to return to the court?

Will there be a season 4 of Kuroko’s Basketball?

  • At the time of writing, Kuroko’s Basketball has not been renewed for season 4 and the anime is unlikely to return to the court again.

Whilst the recent release of Netflix’s English dubbing has increased both the awareness and excitement surrounding the series, Kuroko’s Basketball is unlikely to receive any new episodes.

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The sole reason for this pessimistic outlook is because the original manga that the television series was adapted from concluded back in 2014 with the release of Volume 30 in Japan.

Unfortunately, the season 3 finale concluded by adapting the entirety of the manga, leaving no room for another season to be produced.

Whilst there is always the possibility of an original continuation of the Kuroko’s Basketball series, this rarely happens in the world of anime.

However, fans who have finished season 3 may not be aware that there is a trilogy of anime films also available from the KB franchise, ‘The Winter Cup Highlights’ are available on Crunchyroll.

A full animated movie, Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie: Last Game released in 2017 and adapted the Extra Game manga – also available through Crunchyroll.

Arguably the most likely avenue for more KB anime content in the future is the series of five light novels called ‘Replace’. Despite there probably not being enough content in the novels for a fully-fledged anime season, they could provide a platform for an OVA or spin-off series down the line.

Where to read the manga…

A total of 275 chapters of the Kuroko’s Basketball manga are available to read online through Viz Media.

The platform provides the first three chapters for free so you can warm-up to the style and story.

However, if you want to read more, you will need a Membership subscription, which currently costs $1.99 a month.

Other titles in the Kuroko’s Basketball franchise…

As previously mentioned, the Kuroko’s Basketball franchise also includes a set of five light novels that focused on the daily life of different Generation of Miracles members.

However, the franchise also includes three video games, several audio CD’s and multiple live action stage performances.

The official soundtrack was released in 2013 alongside an EP, with an additional 27 songs being launched as singles.

The first video game in the series, Miracle Game, was released in 2012 for the PlayStation Portable, before Path to Victory and Bonds for the Future launched in 2014 and 2015, both for the Nintendo 3DS.

Kuroko also appears as a character in the hit fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS; available through various PlayStation consoles.

Series similar to Kuroko’s Basketball…

Finished Kuroko’s Basketball and need another series in your life? Don’t worry because there are plenty of similar sports-based anime out there for you to enjoy.

The most obvious choices are Haikyuu; the series is focused on volleyball rather than basketball but is widely considered to be the most influential sports anime in the world.

Then we have Slam Dunk and Dear Boys, both anime also centres around basketball.

Moving further afield, but by no means lowering the quality, other series worth checking out include Free, Eyeshield 21 and Re-Main.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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