Genshin Impact has added fishing and there’s a bunch of spots and locations where you can catch sea critters with your trusty rod.

Update 2.1 has finally begun and it immediately comes with Baal and Kujou Sara. Both are dark haired heroines with a fetish for purple, but things will lighten up later this month with the blue-eyed blonde, Kokomi.

While the Moonlight event and the impending arrival of Kokomi are both exciting, what’s even better is that travellers can now pluck bottom feeders from the ocean by themselves.

Kujou Sara: Thunderous Devotion | Genshin Impact

Kujou Sara: Thunderous Devotion | Genshin Impact

How to unlock fishing in Genshin Impact

You unlock fishing in Genshin Impact by boasting an Adventure Rank of 30 and completing the Exploding Population quest.

To complete the above mission, you must first finish the archon quest Ritou Escape Plan and unlock the Serenitea Pot System. Once you’ve done that, you can then find the Exploding Population objective in your quests menu.

This mission directs you to Katheryne in Mondstadt so she can talk about a fishing association commission. After she’s finished talking, you will need to find Nantuck at Cider Lake.

And this is where and how you will learn to become a pro fisherman.

How to catch

Nantuck will provide you with a tutorial on how to catch sea critters in the game.

It’s very similar to mechanics found in other titles. You must first equip your bait and then cast your line, but it can neither be too far away from or too close to the underwater mammals.

Once your line has been cast, wait for a message to say the fish is hooked and then quickly press the Raise Hook button. The creature will escape with your bait if you don’t press fast enough.

Lastly, it then becomes very familiar to Persona 5 players as you must keep the hook symbol within the yellow ideal of the Tension Zone. Manage this correctly by holding and releasing when appropriate and you will soon have a wet beasty wiggling in your hand.

It’s important to know that different types of bait attract unique creatures, and there are obviously some fish that are much harder to catch.

Genshin Impact fishing spots

All of the fishing spots in Genshin Impact have been added to the Interactive Map found online.

You will find fishing spots by sighting water with a rippling effect and below are all the locations: