After three listening events and a month-long delay, Donda has finally dropped.

Kanye West’s long-awaited album was released by his label Universal Music Group on August 29th without the rapper’s approval.

Fans can listen to the album on Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services, and the 27 tracks have had a great reaction.

Now, fans are keen to get their hands on Donda merch, and one designer has even created a Donda Lego set, but unfortunately it’s not for sale.

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Canadian designer creates Donda lego

Patrikas Samulevicius, a 19-year-old Canadian graphic designer, has gone viral this week after he rendered a Donda Lego set.

He didn’t actually make it, but he designed the whole concept online, including the box, using real Lego block dimensions.

The Lego set makes Kanye’s childhood home and is complete with a Kanye West mini-figure.

Patrikas revealed on Twitter that he has uploaded the design to the Lego custom build website, but found that as a lot of pieces are custom and don’t come in the right colour, it would cost over $500.

However, he is selling the Lego Donda house image a print for $20 on INPRNT.

Kanye recreated his childhood home on stage

The Lego set is inspired by Kanye’s childhood home which he recreated on stage at his final listening event.

He built a huge replica of the 7815 S. South Shore Dr house where he lived for approximately eight years in the Soldier Field stadium.

The home was sat center-stage in the middle of a field, with dancers and trucks circling it.

At the end of the show, Kanye even lit himself on fire and reenacted his wedding vows outside the replica with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye actually asked to relocate the real Chicago house to the stadium, but the city’s Buildings Department denied it.

Fans react to the Lego

Unfortunately, the Donda Lego isn’t actually on sale, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be reaching shelves any time soon.

However, fans really wish it was, and have been reacting to Patrikas’ design on Twitter.

One person wrote: “That’s it I’m officially spending my life savings on the Lego Donda house set.”

“Is this real? Cause take my money,” said another.

A third person added: “Best thing ‘Ive ever seen. Truly blown away.”

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