Netflix D.P. star Son Seok Gu recently found himself embroiled in a school bully allegation. After a social media user accused the South Korean actor of being a school violence perpetrator, the 38-year-old actor’s agency responded to the claims.

Son Seok Gu, aka Son Seok Koo, was first accused of being a bully by a social media user on August 31st, where the accuser claimed to have been in the same middle school as him. The user went ahead and alleged that the Netflix actor was one of the main bullies in the school.

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Son Seok Gu school bully allegation explained

According to a Korean media report, Son Seok Gu was accused by a classmate from his middle school in Daejon.

The user alleged, “Son Seok Gu only picked the weaker ones to harass.” The accuser further added a graphic description stating, he physically assaulted them with ‘slippers,’ and even strangled the victims, hitting the back of their heads.

The netizen claimed: “I’ve had a heavy heart due to the shock of the incident and for having been a bystander instead of helping the victim as a witness. So when I saw Son Seok Gu appear on TV, I couldn’t help but be enraged. I am writing this in order to not be a bystander this time.”

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The user explained that the victim tried to talk about the experience in high school, but the school bully case got ‘covered up.’

Son Seok Gu’s agency responds to Netflix star’s school bullying allegations

Son Seok Gu’s agency has responded to the school bullying accusation. SBD Entertainment released a statement that said: “According to the agency’s research, the contents of the post are false. We are in the process of taking legal action against the netizen who uploaded the post.”

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Before starring in Netflix’s latest series D.P, Son Seok Gu appeared in hit shows like ‘Mother,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘Matrimonial Chaos,’ ‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days,’ and ‘Melo Is My Nature.’

The South Korean actor also snagged multiple nominations for the Best New Actor for his role in ‘Suits,’ and ‘Matrimonial Chaos’ in the 2018 KBS Drama Awards and 55th Baeksang Awards.

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