Chrissy Teigen debuted a brand new hairstyle on Instagram this week.

The model and cookbook author revealed a sleek and short haircut, accompanied by a video of getting her hair chopped.

So, when did Chrissy get her bob? Here’s what she said.

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When did Chrissy Teigen get a bob?

Based on the pictures and video on her Instagram, Chrissy got her bob a few days ago.

The model and mother of two debuted a similar hairstyle on social media a couple of weeks ago when she showed a straight trendy bob, finished with a red blouse and orange lipstick.

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But her initial post confused some of her fans as they thought that her haircut was actually real. Chrissy has since explained that she fooled everyone because the hairstyle wasn’t real at the time!

On Monday, August 30th, Chrissy snapped an image of her bob, a real one this time, followed by the caption: “You were very confused to learn my bob a few weeks ago wasn’t real, so here, for you! Oh it feels so good to finally commit! thank you @hairinel!!”

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Celebs and fans react to the new look

“Love you & so happy you finally did it!!!!” Irinel de León, the hairdresser behind Chrissy’s new bob, wrote in the comments section.

Celebrity hairstylist and her friend Jen Atkin reacted with a clap emoji and four heart emojis.

“Looking fabulous darling!” reacted a fan in the comments.

In an earlier post on Instagram, Chrissy revealed that it was Kourtney Kardashian who inspired to get her new look.

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Previous looks of Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy often debuts brand new hairstyles depending on her public appearances and professional gigs.

The model and cookbook author took the plunge and cut her hair in a sleek bob in July 2020. Irinel was once again the hairstylist behind it.

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Earlier this year, Chrissy also debuted long purple locks but she clarified that it was only a wig.

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In recent months, Chrissy has often showcased a long wavy hairstyle, which she wears like it is, or finished with an accessory such as a scrunchy or a scarf.

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