Our lives can be eventful, hectic, and brimming with drama… and then there’s Days of Our Lives. An entirely different beast.

Few soap operas boast such a sustained flair for the dramatic; essentially every character is designed to create jaw-dropping moments and nothing less.

Of course, the show has proven thoroughly addictive from the very beginning. Created by Ted and Betty Corday, it first arrived back on screens in 1965, making it one of the longest-running productions in TV history. It’s certainly no small feat, but there’s an important question to address.

How do you keep audiences interested, gravitating back to your program year-in and year-out?

Well, the writing is a testament to that. Although, there’s absolutely no denying that new faces and characters certainly don’t hurt, and the soap has arguably never failed to deliver on that front.

Viewers have had some exciting newcomers to cherish already in 2021, with a recent addition raising more than a few eyebrows. So, who plays Calista on Days of Our Lives?

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Who plays Calista on Days of Our Lives?

  • Calista Lockhart is played by American actress Cady Huffman.

The 56-year-old joined the show in August, tackling the part of Bonnie’s sister-in-law. She rocked up in Salem to confront Bonnie about the murder of Harrison, her brother.

Bonnie proceeded to refuse her involvement in the crime, but things escalated in no time when Calista swiftly drew a gun – the very same gun that was tied to the violent slaying.

She argued that her fingerprints remained on the weapon and declared she would put her back in prison if she didn’t hand over the money that she had stolen from Harrison.

Inevitably, Bonnie said that she didn’t have the money, but Calista wasn’t exactly ready to take that for an answer, observing the surroundings of her luxurious home.

It was an explosive entrance alright, and while some may be unfamiliar with the actress, there will undoubtedly be others who recognise her as TV royalty, and for rather good reason.

Where have we seen Cady Huffman before?

Looking back across Cady’s career, she has appeared in the likes of Frasier (Amber Licious), Master of None (Christina), After Forever (Lisa), Blue Bloods (Sheila Gormley), The Good Wife (Marina Vassel), and beyond.

In 2006 she replaced Kimberlin Brown as Dr. Paige Miller on One Life to Live, and excitingly, Days of Our Lives marks her return to daytime TV after over a decade.

As for her other acting achievements, she has also showcased her talents in such Broadway productions as La Cage aux Folles, The Will Rogers Follies, and The Producers, for which she won a Tony.

On the other hand, movie work also includes 2016’s Choose, 2010’s The Company Men, 2009’s Dare (Dr. Kolton), and 2007’s The Nanny Diaries (Divorcing Mom).

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Is Cady Huffman on Instagram?

Yes, the actress is on Instagram and you can find her over at cadyhuffman.

She has shy of 3,000 followers and recently posted to remind her fans that her Days of Our Lives journey has begun, sharing the hashtag #calistaisnow.

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It’s sure to be an arc to remember!

Additionally, if you’re not on Instagram, then you can find her over on Twitter at CadyHuffman.