Summer Walker’s relationship with London on da Track did not have a happy ending. However, it looks like the singer is dating someone new now.

Her relationship comes to light after Summer slammed London in her recent Instagram posts. Even though the pair broke up a couple of months ago, it looks like things have not been great between them. Their social media drama definitely proved that.

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Summer Walker reveals she is dating someone new

When Summer was in a relationship with London, the pair had been vocal about their ups and downs. However, it looks like the singer is opting for a different route as she starts dating again.

In her Instagram video, Summer confirmed she had a new man in her life. However, she did not reveal the name of her boyfriend. She said: “My baby is healthy and beautiful. My man is doing everything that I need him to do plus more. Don’t even gotta ask.” 

As per Distractify, some sources claim that Summer started dating someone new shortly after her split. The source further adds that they have been living together in Las Vegas.

Singer’s relationship with London on da Track explored

Summer and London’s relationship started in 2019 when the singer was working on her debut album. It did not take long for the pair to go Instagram official.

Following this, Summer and London did not hesitate to share their pictures with fans. Even though the couple broke up for a brief period in 2020, they were quick to get back together. Everything seemed fine between the two and in November 2020, Summer announced she was pregnant.

In March 2021, she welcomed her first child. However, her relationship with London ended soon after. At the moment, it is unclear why the two split.

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What did Summer Walker say about her ex?

On August 20, Summer blasted her ex on social media. In her posts, Summer claimed that London called people she had known and the singer asked him to stay away from her personal life.

Summer claimed she decided to make the drama public because she did not have his personal phone number to contact him. Following the singer’s rant, London was quick to slam these rumors.

He asked Summer to share “receipts” to prove her argument. At the time of writing, she has not responded to this.

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