Bishop Sycamore has become the center of attention ever since they played against IMG Academy. While there is no record of such a High School, social media users have been wondering who their coach, Roy Johnson, is.

On Sunday, August 29, viewers had tuned to ESPN in the hope of watching a football match between two elite High Schools. However, as soon as the event started, people were certain that something was off. After some research, it was found that Bishop Sycamore was not even listed as a school by the Ohio Department of Education.

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Who is Roy Johnson?

Roy is the coach of Bishop Sycamore, the team that went against IMG Academy on Sunday. Fans were upset to watch the game as from the start, it seemed obvious that Bishop Sycamore players did not have the training to withstand what was in front of them.

As per Tribe Live, Roy had previously coached a startup football program in Columbus known as Christians of Faith. The team went on to play against North Allegheny in 2018.

Meanwhile, as per Complex, Roy allegedly has an active arrest warrant due to fraud charges. While some think he was at fault for the mishap, LaRoi Johnson, who is a free agent, did not think so.

He said: “I know what he was trying to do for those kids. I can definitely respect it. You can clearly see they’ve got some talented kids and had some nice-sized kids. But all of this is a lot.”

What we know about Bishop Sycamore

As per The Columbus Dispatch, there is no school named Bishop Sycamore listed in the Ohio Department of Education. However, last year, it was listed as a “non-chartered, non-tax supported school” that “truly held religious beliefs, choose to not be chartered by the State Board of Education.”

To add to this, their website also fails to provide any information. When you go to their site, users are greeted with a few blog posts that date back to April-May 2021.

Following this, the about us, staff, and schedule pages remain empty. While their ‘camps’ section has some information, one would argue that it does not look like a promising site.

To add to this, as per the outlet, the mailing address for the school has been listed as 599 Chiller Lane in Columbus. In reality, this is the location of Resolute Athletic Complex, an indoor sports facility near Easton Town Center.

ESPN responds to drama

While ESPN does not make the selection for schools that would be playing, it did release a statement apologizing to the viewers.

The statement read: “We regret that this happened and have discussed it with Paragon, which secured the matchup and handles the majority of our high school event scheduling. They have ensured us that they will take steps to prevent this kind of situation from happening moving forward.”

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