On August 2, Jake Paul was crowned as the winner and Tyron Woodley was asked to get the ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo. But did the UFC star get it yet?

Tyron seemed sure that he could take away the “undefeated” title from Jake. However, halfway through the fight, some viewers seemed certain that the YouTuber had bagged yet another win.

Even though Jake was crowned as the champion, it looks like Tyron is far from done. As soon as the event came to an end, Tyron challenged Jake for a rematch. But will it happen again?

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Did Tyron Woodley get the tattoo?

As per Tyron’s latest’s tweet, he hasn’t gotten the tattoo. However, we won’t be surprised if he did get it in the coming days.

On August 30, Jake tweeted the conditions that Tyron would have to follow if he wanted a rematch. His tweet read: “Tyron’s tattoo guidelines: 1. 3×2 inches at least 2. Can’t get it covered 3. Permanent 4. Must post on social media 5. Has to be visible with shorts and shirt on.”

To this, Tyron replied: “Send the contract son. Daddy will put your name next to all my other kids.” The deal about getting a tattoo was always on the cards. However, fans were questioning how serious it was.

Looking at this, it seems like Tyron won’t mind getting a tattoo if that means he can fight Jake again in the coming months.

A look at Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight

Months before the dates for the event were confirmed, Tyron and Jake constantly spoke about winning the fight. When the event finally took place, some fans were left disappointed.

Viewers thought that the fight was rigged and expressed the same thoughts on Twitter. In fact, it did not take long for social media users to come up with memes related to the event.

To add to this, fans were upset that they did not get to see a knockout. Overall, the fight left many fans upset and it looks like Jake and Tyron will have to work hard if they plan on fighting once again.

Is the YouTuber retiring from boxing?

Fans were left confused due to a tweet by Jake after winning the fight. He wrote: “The Rock posted me on Instagram. I can retire now.”

While some were left shocked, it seems like Jake was just joking about retiring. In fact, a couple of tweets before, he had asked his fans who his next opponent should be. Judging by this, it looks like the YouTuber is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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