Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s fight has been the most awaited one. However, who won the fight, and was there a knockout?

This fight comes months after Jake went against Ben Askren. While the YouTuber was announced as the winner, fans are eager to see if history will repeat itself as he goes against Tyron. This is the first time Tyron is entering a boxing match. Prior to this, he has had years of experience in UFC.

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Who won Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight?

Jake won the fight while the fans did not get a chance to witness a knockout.

Months before the fight, Tyron and Jake were often seen talking about the event. Both of them felt they had the ability to beat the other. Jake used to take a dig at Tyron by posting videos on social media.

In his most recent TikTok video, the YouTuber claimed that he would knock Tyron during the fight. Meanwhile, when Tyron was asked about the fight, he said in an interview that it was his “easiest fight of my career and biggest purse of my career all in one night.”

How much will Jake Paul make from the event?

As per Evening Standard, Jake is expected to make around $1 million. While it seems that the YouTuber is about to bag some good money out of the event, the pay does not come as a surprise as he had recently signed a deal with Showtime Sports.

His adviser, Nakisa Bidarian, also confirmed this while talking to ESPN. He said: “Jake is proud of the events he participated in with Triller and appreciates the opportunities they afforded him. Jake is excited to continue his boxing career with Showtime Boxing. Fight announcement coming soon.”

Even though Jake started off his career by making YouTube videos and Vlogs, it seems like the young social media star is all set to shift his focus to boxing.

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How much will Tyron Woodley make from the fight?

As per Tyron’s manager, Malki Kawa, the UFC fighter is set to “walk away with a multi-million dollar payday” after fighting Jake.

He said: “It is one of the best deals I have ever done. It was a tremendous deal. A large base number he is getting a cut of the pay per view globally. He should walk away with a multi-million dollar payday. His base guarantee is in the millions already. But add on all the other extra stuff, it’s a really nice payday.”

In fact, even before the dates for the event were confirmed, Tyron had spoken about how he would be making a lot of money through this event. In an interview with ESPN, he said: “Easiest fight of my career and biggest purse of my career all in one night. Basically, they brought me in to take out the trash. I can’t wait to shut this b—- up. This is getting done for the culture, the whole MMA community and boxing community, to rid this guy of combat sports.”

While Tyron and Jake’s fight has come to an end, it is unclear who they will be fighting next.

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