Kanye West’s much-anticipated album, Donda, featuring multiple artists is finally out. However, it appears as if Chris Brown shaded Ye in a deleted Instagram post. So, what did he say?

Chris isn’t the only one to have taken a dig at Kanye. Earlier, Soulja Boy had similarly taken to Twitter to share a series of screenshots featuring his conversation with Kanye. The messages claim that Soulja had sent a few verses for Donda, but they never made the final cut.

Did Chris Brown shade Kanye West?

Earlier today (August 29), Chris took to his personal Instagram to post a story with a message that read, “Kanye A Whole H*E”. However, the rapper took down the post soon, but fans were quick to get a screenshot of the same and circulate it online. 

After deleting the previous story, Chris shared yet another post repeating Lil Nas X’s famous comment, “Nah he Tweakin”. The rapper did not provide any further explanation about his current or previous posts. 

Meanwhile, it also isn’t clear why Chris chose to call out Kanye on Instagram. The latter is yet to respond to it. 

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Kanye West’s Instagram explored 

Days ago, when it was announced that Kanye was going to release Donda, the rapper decided to take down all the pictures from his personal Instagram. 

Yesterday, he shared a post with the caption “Ok I’ll drop Donda”, teasing fans about the release of his upcoming album. However, today, he shared another post claiming that Universal Music Group had released Donda without his permission. 

The post read: “Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album.”

During Donda’s listening party at Chicago’s Soldier Field, it was revealed that Jay-Z’s song Jail had been replaced by a new one from DaBaby. Kanye claimed that the track was removed by the label ‘without his approval’. 

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Fans react in confusion

Whether Chris’ message reached Kanye or not, it sure has left fans confused as to what is happening between the two rappers. Many who noticed Chris’ deleted Instagram post took to Twitter to share their views.

One tweeted: “Kanye did absolutely nothing but cut Chris Brown’s verse to a couple lines and cut Soula Boy altogether on HIS ALBUM. This happens all the time in the music biz but due to a combination of envy and clout chasing, some are BIG MAD at Ye”

“Whys chris brown mad at kanye,” tweeted another.

Another fan asked: “Wait so now Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have it out against Kanye? What in the world is going on today”

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