Several fans have been left wondering if Jake Paul’s girlfriend, Julia Rose is pregnant and if the pair is having a baby after a video of the YouTuber went viral.

Jake has been vocal about his relationship with Julia and it looks like the pair is getting serious. This is not the first time the two got together. Previously, they had dated for a brief period in 2020. However, their relationship soon came to an end. Now, the pair are trying their luck for the second time.

Is Jake Paul’s girlfriend pregnant?

No, Jake’s girlfriend Julia is not pregnant. Fans were left confused after the YouTuber appeared on Logan Paul’s Podcast Impulsive.

In it, Jake hinted Julia was pregnant. He said: “I want to have a family with her. She is pregnant.” After hearing this, Logan can be seen asking Jake if he was serious or not.

Shortly after this, Jake confirmed that he was lying. It seems like Jake cracked that joke to get a reaction from Logan. Jake says: “You know what’s f**ked up, every time I am talking about the promise ring, you are like: “what the f**k is a promise ring? A promise ring forever? A commitment?”

During the same podcast, Jake had confirmed that his relationship with Julia was better now and things were getting serious.

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Everything we know about the couple’s relationship

Jake and Julia had previously dated in 2020 but their relationship did not last long.

Speaking about their split, she said: “It was the only kind of like our second go at it, but you know, it’s tough. Having a very public relationship where a lot of people don’t see exactly what happened, it’s tough. But you know, I don’t think either of us are bad people. We are just trying to live our lives and do the best we can.”

Following this, the pair rekindled their romance in 2021. On August 3, Jake uploaded a TikTok video in which he reflected on his past. In the clip, he also spoke about “dating a boob model.”

While fans did not get to see Julia’s face in it, on August 8, she confirmed they were dating by sharing a picture of them on Twitter.

The photo showed Julia on top of Jake as the two cuddled at the beach. She captioned the picture as: “happy happy happy happy happy.” Jake has also hinted their relationship is serious this time while adding there might be an engagement soon.

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