TikTok has been filled with various trends, and the latest one to take over is the ‘car trend.’ If you are wondering what those viral videos are all about, we have got all the details for you!

This trend comes weeks after social media was filled with the Milk Crate Challenge. A couple of weeks ago, people started uploading videos of them trying out the trend. While some managed to succeed, there were others who ended up getting hurt.

Now, the latest thing to go viral is the ‘car trend.’ However, it is receiving a lot of negative responses from people.

TikTok’s car trend explained

The car trend started taking over TikTok a couple of weeks ago. However, at the moment, it is unknown who or how the trend started.

For this trend, a user creates their video by including things like previous owners, miles, year, model, accidents, and others. Each of these represents something in particular and has been mentioned below.

  • The “previous owner” stands for the number of relationships you have had in the past.
  • “Miles” is equal to your body count
  • “Tickets” represent the number of times you have kissed
  • “Year” donates when you were born
  • “Make” is your race
  • “Model” is your zodiac sign
  • “Damage” details any damage you have. For this trend, it can be physical or mental health issues.
  • “Made in” details the place where you were born
  • “Accidents” reveal the number of failed talking stages that you have gone through.
  • “Stickers” shows the number of tattoos you have.

Most of the time, users choose few topics to discuss in their videos and post them with “Let’s Groove by absolutenacc” playing in the background.

Why is this trend getting backlash?

Several people are unhappy with the trend as some feel it objectifies women. One user wrote: “women be like “dont objectify us” and go ahead and do the used car sale trend on TikTok.”

Another added: “girls argue they aren’t objects but then compare themselves to cars in a TikTok trend.” “I absolutely DESPISE this TikTok trend where people describe themselves/ their dating history as if they’re a car for sale,” wrote another.

While many people are still hopping on to do this trend, others are asking for it to come to an end.

Other trends that can be tried

A couple of trends that users can look into include:

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