On August 27, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblae confirmed he had been diagnosed with cancer. At the moment, he has not revealed what type it is.

With over 8 million followers on YouTube, Technoblade’s popularity has only increased with time. In fact, he has also won several Minecraft championships and proved to people that he is a legend. Keeping this in mind, fans were left speechless when they found out about his diagnosis.

Has Technoblade revealed what kind of cancer he has?

At the moment, Technoblade has not revealed the details about the type of cancer he has. However, the YouTuber had shed light on how he got the diagnosis while giving an update on his health.

In the video, Technoblade revealed he decided to go on a hiatus after his health started to deteriorate. The YouTuber made this decision because his right arm had been paining. In order to get back in shape, the content creator thought a couple of weeks off would do him good.

However, after a couple of weeks, Technoblade recalled noticing that his right arm had started to swell. At first, the creator thought it was a broken bone. However, after visiting the doctors he was told that he had a tumor.

He said: “They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is because I have cancer. That really couldn’t have gone worse.”

How is the YouTuber doing now?

In the same video, Technoblade told his fans that he had started chemotherapy. At the same time, while engaging with his fans, Technoblade made sure the content doesn’t get too dark.

He broke into a couple of jokes such as playing Minecraft using his feet or how the news had left his health insurance provider unconsolable. At the moment, the YouTuber is staying positive and focusing on recording a couple of content more while making sure he does not strain himself a lot.

Dream to raise money for cancer research

After Technoblade spoke about his diagnosis, fellow Minecraft YouTuber Dream reacted to the news.

He wrote on Twitter: “Hope techno gets well soon. f**k cancer. to keep things light, I’m gonna donate $1 for every coin every member of my team earns tomorrow to cancer research. Get to have fun and put money towards a good cause.”

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