Rapper Joyner Lucas released new single ‘Dreams Unfold’, and the music video has been taken down by YouTube. What’s in the video that it has been removed by the platform?

Controversial videos by music artists nowadays has gotten increasingly common – Cardi B, Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion are just some of the artists whose music videos have caused some stir upon release.

Rihanna’s 2011 ‘S&M’ video seems quite tame now, doesn’t it?

Despite the controversy, Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ video still stands on YouTube with over 400 million views,.

Bella Thorne’s video for ‘Shake It’ was temporarily banned from YouTube in February 2021 and Joyner Lucas is the latest victim of the platform’s regulations.

So what’s so bad about the video that’s got him cancelled?

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Blues Clues goes 18+

Joyner has had some controversial track titles in the past, such as ‘ISIS’, but none of them have been removed. This time, ‘Dreams Unfold’ – an unsuspicious title – is the first to fall.

The music video puts an 18+ spin on children’s shows, including the popular Blues Clues, cleverly renamed to Booze Clues.

Advising kids to “Say yes to drugs”, the three minute and 47 second clip shows footage of Santa Claus and his elf indulging in alcohol and puppets dancing on a stripper pole – definitely not what you would show your kid.

‘Dreams Unfold’ smoothly transitions into Lil Tjay’s verse through a children’s colour book, but the yellow page shows the rapper having the time of his life in a room filled with twerking bikini-clad women.

Why is Joyner cancelled?

It’s true that there are a lot more explicit videos out there, but since ‘Dreams Unfold’ was crafted in a children’s show format, the footage has been deemed inappropriate along the lines of kid’s TV.

Under YouTube’s Child Safety policy, ‘midleading family content’ includes “sexual themes, violence and obscenity or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences”, and well, all of ‘Dreams Unfold’ belongs under that category.

The rapper released a statement on Instagram, labelling it as censorship:

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Despite showing these child-inappropriate scenes, the video was a comment on how the entertainment industry and celebrities are not acting as good examples to young people – there is too much exposure to sex, drugs and violence.

He concludes the video with “Let’s be better role models.”

Since the official video is inaccessible, the internet has flocked to re-upload the video, but it’s unclear whether these will eventually be removed.

Fans are unimpressed by the ban, with one Reddit user confused about how Lil Nas X’s ‘Industry Baby’ is still online, yet ‘Dreams Unfold’ isn’t.

Many are giving Joyner full support because they believe he’s simply addressing the truth and now he’s getting cancelled for holding people account\able for what they’ve done.

What do you think? Should the music video be back on YouTube?

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