A TikTok video of a Starbucks barista saving a woman from getting harassed has gone viral and the internet is praising the heroic behaviour.

The latest viral video on TikTok isn’t an animal doing something unusual or a delicious pasta recipe, it’s just good ‘ol humans looking out for each other.

Getting unwanted attention can get slightly concerning, especially when the other person just won’t leave you alone – that’s when you try to fake a phone call or pretend like you’re in a hurry.

If that doesn’t work, you just hope that someone else at the scene will pretend like they’re your friend to fend off the stranger.

A Starbuck’s barista was the hero of the story this time, as a TikTok user filmed her experience of how the worker looked out for her during the situation.

Watch the viral video below to find out who the worker was!

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WATCH: Barista comes to the rescue

22-year-old Avery Spencer uploaded a TikTok on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, showing how uncomfortable she was when a man in Starbucks wouldn’t stop talking to her, despite efforts to make it clear.

Thankfully, the barista quickly caught onto the situation, prompting them to deliberately ask Avery questions in order to keep her company.

“She basically lets me know that they are going to be watching me, and they know that this man is harassing me, which was already so comforting to hear”, said Avery.

It turns out that it wasn’t the man’s first offence, since the Starbuck’s workers have noticed his disturbance of other customers and even baristas.


what a great way to respond in this situation. thank u starbucks baristas !! felt much safer bc of you guys.

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It’s only been three days and the clip has been viewed over 2.7 million times, with the comment section flooded with praises for the worker.

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Who do you agree with?

While the majority of comments are filled with positive comments, there a few criticising Avery for not being more direct and forceful.

One said, “So you tried everything but literally telling the guy, ‘you’re making me uncomfortable, please stop’?”

Meanwhile, another said, “Woah maybe you could have told him to leave you alone instead of answering him multiple times.”

Avery personally responded to these comments in a follow up video, stating that she has anxiety, so she is not used to being confrontational.

Throughout the situation, she was trying to muster up the courage to tell him, but she claims that she did make it extremely clear that she was uncomfortable – the fact that the barista’s could see she needed help, confirms this.


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