The idea of the entire population collectively losing its sight is undoubtedly a scary one and that’s exactly the fate that befell the survivors of See.

It’s an intriguing concept for a show and one which the team has explored with great imagination and curiosity.

Created by Steven Knight, the sci-fi drama originally premiered on the streaming service back in 2019, and subscribers were immediately ensnared by its dystopian vision and immersive character relationships.

Needless to say, renewing it for another batch of episodes was something of a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it took quite some time to arrive, as there were numerous delays in response to a virus that, although not quite as devastating as the one depicted in See, changed all of our lives nonetheless.

Patience was crucial and audiences finally welcomed it back to screens on Friday, August 27th 2021.

While viewers are taking the time to enjoy the latest installments, there are plenty looking ahead too, in the hopes that more is already on the way. Taking this hunger for more into consideration, is See renewed for season 3?

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Is See renewed for season 3?

  • Yes, it was officially announced that See was renewed for a third season at Apple TV+ ahead of the season 2 premiere.

The good news was shared when central star Jason Momoa (who plays Baba Voss) appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Back in June, Deadline highlighted that filming had already begun in Toronto, Canada, while they also included that they heard seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back-to-back. Nevertheless, fans can be thrilled to hear that work was certainly underway even before season 2 began dropping.

Little else is known about the forthcoming season (more on filming below) just yet, but it’s likely that Steven Knight, Lawrence, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, Jim Rowe, and Jonathan Tropper will reprise their duties as executive producers, with Jonathan perhaps continuing as showrunner.

Season 2 saw a number of new talents recruited, with Eden Epstein (Blind), Tom Mison (Watchmen), Hoon Lee (Warrior), Olivia Cheng (Warrior), David Hewlett (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and Tamara Tunie (Flight) joining. So, we can probably expect to see talents reprising their roles and surely even more new performers being added into the mix next time around.

SEE — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

SEE — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Fans celebrate on Twitter

In the wake of renewal news, a number of fans have taken the time to share their excitement over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Do we have a release date?

No official release date has been offered just yet. However, a recent interview with actor Tom Mison gives us some indication of when we may expect it.

While in conversation with Newsweek in late August, it was noted that the crew is in British Columbia, Canada for the next few months to complete production on the forthcoming season.

Weighing in on viewership, Tom explained:

“It had a strong start, See was one of their most-watched shows on launch but I heard that during the pandemic, it became not only Apple TV+’s most watched show but one of the biggest shows on streaming online. It makes sense because what do you do in lockdown? You watch Jason Momoa beat the s**t out of people.”

He added: “There’s little more exciting than seeing Momoa and Bautista go head to head, so maybe the numbers will go up and up.”

As for more details on production, he said that he expects to wrap in mid-October while the others will finish at the end of that month.

Taking this into consideration, a summer 2022 release for season 2 seems optimistic.

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