Reflecting back over the year so far, we’ve been fortunate enough to check out a wealth of exciting films.

We witnessed divisive director M. Night Shyamalan return to his roots with Old, James Gunn dip his toes into superhero cinema again with The Suicide Squad and Nicolas Cage turn in his most poignant performance in years courtesy of Pig.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, and indeed, it has not been a great year for a just strictly fictional film.

Documentary enthusiasts have had many acclaimed and lesser-known efforts to sink their teeth into so far, from Seaspiracy to Summer of Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised).

There’s plenty more where those came from though and the latest to make waves comes from director Luke White. Here’s where to watch the 2021 documentary Handsome, what it’s all about, and more…

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Where to watch the Handsome documentary

  • Handsome will be available on all major streaming platforms from Monday August 30th 2021.

So, it will be available to check out on the likes of Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and more. As of yet, it’s uncertain how much it will cost to rent or buy.

Considering what to expect, we follow the journey of two brothers. Nick has been caring for his brother Alex – who has Down’s syndrome – for many years now. However, now both in the grip of adulthood, Nick contemplates a life with somewhat fewer restrictions and responsibilites.

Grappling with the uncertainty of how to approach the situation, he decides to travel the world with Alex in hopes of meeting like-minded people that can help them navigate the situation.

From Cornwall to Vietnam and many places in between, it’s a documentary with an impressive scope and tremendous heart. It was previously screened at the Glasgow Film Festival, earning some touching praise.

HANDSOME Official Trailer 2021 Documentary

HANDSOME Official Trailer 2021 Documentary

A bond between brothers

The pair recently appeared on This Morning to promote the film and it’s safe to say that audiences were completely taken with them.

Many have flocked to Twitter to celebrate the bond the brothers share. Check out a selection of tweets:

“There was nothing like it…”

Earlier this year, the brothers opened up about the ambitious project while in conversation with Eye for Film.

They already had the idea to travel and meet people whom they could relate to, but it was actually their mother who suggested that it would make an insightful and engaging film.

Discussing Handsome, Nick began to explain:

“There was nothing like it about siblings. It was always about the parents, and there’s nothing that I could relate to. So yeah, we kind of put the idea out, we made a little teaser trailer that the BBC picked up and put it on their homepage, and then this gave us a bit of kudos.”

He added “And people found out about us and then wrote to us saying, ‘Oh, you know, my brother, or my sister, has Down’s.’ So it kind of all took off from there, really. We did lots of fundraising and we got good producers on board.”

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