**WARNING – Major Spoilers for Clickbait Ahead**

Netflix’s new series Clickbait showcases the modern sensation of online dating and the devious and sometimes sinister consequences of virtual shielding. The series riffs off of the premise of the reality show Catfish and also bears resemblance to Black Mirror’s tone.

Camaron Engels, Betty Gabriel, Becca Lish, and Adrian Grenier star in Tony Ayres and Christian White’s thrilling slice of online detective work and we explore Clickbait’s ending and reveal who killed Nick Brewer.

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait Ending Explained

Before the grand reveal, a few key plot points in the show’s conclusion should preface the unveiling. 

In the final chapter of the seven-part series, the administrative assistant Dawn Gleed ends up using Nick Brewer’s photo for her new dating profile. Looking to fill a void in her life, Dawn begins chatting to a woman and enters into an online relationship with her. 

The plot thickens when Dawn’s husband finds out she’s been catfishing and cheating and Dawn subsequently closes the profile and relationship. Nick is then kidnapped and killed and his son Kai begins his own investigation into his father’s death. Kai finds out that Dawn is involved somehow and goes over to her house to confront her.

Dawn and her Husband Ed offer to drive Kai home, but they actually plan to go and kill him.

Who Killed Nick Brewer?

  • The Clickbait finale revealed that Ed, Dawn’s Husband, killed Nick Brewer.

We see in a flashback that a battered Nick appeared at Dawn’s house, revealing that he didn’t get killed beforehand. Amidst confronting Dawn, Nick is quickly put down by Ed, as the latter bludgeons him to death with a hammer.

In the final moments of the series, Ed releases Kai and attempts to shoot at the cops before being taken out himself, leaving Dawn without a husband and a considerable amount of regret.

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