The crucible of lies, catfishing, and murder is at the forefront of Netflix’s new series Clickbait, created by Tony Ayres and Christian White, starring Camaron Engels, Betty Gabriel, Becca Lish, and Adrian Grenier.

The seven-part miniseries highlights the deception of anonymous, online dating, and while a lot of the plot plays out online, there are still some real-world backdrops to notice and we explore all of the filming locations involved.

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait Filming Locations

  • Australia was primarily used to film Clickbait, despite the show’s setting in Oakland, California.

Principle photography for Clickbait began around December 2019 and production received a pandemic delay in March 2020, which halted filming until November. Filming in Australia then concluded in June 2021.

Melbourne, Australia

Most of Clickbait was filmed in and around Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. It was reported that the series was the first Netflix Original production to use the state of Victoria for filming, which in turn encouraged incentives to be distributed by the Federal and Victorian Governments.

The crew had to pick certain built-up areas that resembled the American state when they were shooting exterior shots. The crew’s attention to detail included the removal of an exterior drainage system in Melbourne to substitute it for plumbing found in Oakland.

Melbourne’s Docklands Studios, located in the modern harbor development of Docklands, was also in use for filming, as well as the Broadmeadows, Fitzroy, and Coburg suburbs.

San Francisco Bay Area, California

A few other exterior scenes were shot on American soil within the show’s Oakland area. Ayres confirmed this by uploading a photo of a film set to Instagram, in front of the Oakland Bay Bridge.

Various iconic locations around Oakland and the San Francisco area were used for a few key scenes, to give the audience a greater sense of the show’s location.

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