CallMeCarson, whose real name is Carson King, is widely being discussed on social media after announcing his plans to officially return to streaming. While some of his fans seem thrilled to have him back, the rest feel otherwise. So, what happened to CallMeCarson and why don’t some Twitter users want him back?

Carson took to YouTube today (August 25) to share a one-and-half-minute long video. In the clip, he revealed that he would be returning to Twitch on September 1, 2021. 

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What happened to CallMeCarson?

In March 2020, Carson announced that he was taking a break “indefinitely” after getting embroiled in a controversy. 

He was accused of sending inappropriate messages to a minor girl who was 17 at the time. He was 19 then. 

Soon after the allegations were made public, Carson’s former Lunch Club members confirmed that he the YouTuber had admitted to messaging minor girls. 

Following the incident, the YouTuber refrained from any sort of social activity. However, he shared an “accidental tweet” in May 2021 and deleted it immediately. The deleted tweet “mmmm” was in response to an article about Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s polling figures. 

In June 2021, he returned to Twitter to share a tweet that read: “Give me a little longer”. He disappeared once again soon after. 

WarioWare: Get It Together! | Overview Trailer

WarioWare: Get It Together! | Overview Trailer

YouTuber’s latest video about return explored 

In the video titled “Moving Forward”, Carson begins by saying: “It’s been a while”. He continues: “This isn’t going to be your average YouTuber apology video and I am not going to make it long and drawn out.”

He further adds that the past year has taught him a lot, but he isn’t seeking forgiveness for his questionable actions. And, while touching upon the “incident”, the YouTuber tells his followers that he has no intentions of “explaining my truth of the situation.”

Revealing his plans for next year, Carson says that he wants to donate 100% of his profits to charities, with different charities being the focus of each month. 

He also explained that his plans for charity aren’t an excuse to “sweep things under the rug”, but instead, he wants to turn the negative situation into something positive that can help a lot of people. 

After announcing he would be streaming live on Twitch on September 1, Carson added that he is “not going to answer any specifics of the situation.”

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Twitter is divided over streamer’s video 

Carson’s announcement via YouTube video has garnered a lot of reaction, leaving Twitter users divided over his return. While many continue to rally for him to remain canceled, some have noted the YouTuber deserves a second chance. 

One tweeted in his favor saying: “I will say it once and never again. Call me carson did bad things but the public should’ve never been involved. If the victims accept his private apology he gave thats that. The end. He doesn’t owe the unaffected public any apology when we weren’t the victims in this situation.”

Adding to that another wrote: “Yes I support call me carson. He addressed the situation perfectly if you disagree you can block me”

One user with a different opinion stated, “Anyway if you chose to support Call Me Carson please feel free to block me. He failed as a person and a content creator and I am not glad to see him back. Donate to the charity Games For Love in your own name, don’t let him pat himself on the back with a publicity stunt.”