A video showing a fight between a customer and two employees at a Poundland in Sheffield has gone viral on Twitter after being uploaded by a bystander who filmed the whole thing.

The video, which has gathered over 400 thousand views, reportedly shows the employees dealing with a man who tried to steal Jaffa Cakes from the shop.

People online can’t get their heads around how much is going on in the video, which features a one-armed employee doing a flying scissor kick, a man with his entire bottom out, and a crushed pile of Jaffa Cakes.

Fight in Poundland Sheffield goes viral

The video begins with a Poundland employee throwing a man to the floor, who had reportedly been stealing Jaffa Cakes.

The man is then pulled off the floor by another employee, who only has one arm, and is dragged out of the shop with his trousers falling down.

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Outside the shop, the employee then jumps and kicks the man before wrapping his arm around his neck and throwing him to the floor once again.

The entire thing was captured on video by another customer in the shop and quickly went viral on Twitter, where people shared their thoughts on the video.

One user wrote: “Kicking him out the store is fair, kicking him to the ground outside is assault.”

Another said: “What’s the point of being so physical? He definitely did wrong but I don’t think this was necessary. Let the police deal with him. You are not in a wrestling contest.”

Others backed the employees, with one person writing: “Don’t go into Poundland expecting to nick stuff and get away with it. Employee of the Year beckons for this guy.”

Twitter reacts to Poundland Sheffield fight

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