Over the past day, Instagram has been bombarded with the same comment over and over again: ‘Nah he tweakin’.

It all started when Tony Hawk released a line of skateboards containing his own blood mixed in with the paint. Yeah, kinda strange.

Then, Instagram account @rap posted a photo of the line and wrote: “#TonyHawk’s blood is being used in $500 limited-edition skateboards. Y’all rockin with it⁉️”

Lil Nas X, who was slammed earlier this year when he released his own ‘satan shoes’ which contained a drop of blood, then left a comment on the post saying: “Nah he tweakin.”

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘tweakin’ means ‘saying something stupid’, so Lil Nas X was presumably claiming that the skateboards can’t actually have blood in them otherwise he would have had more backlash.

Everyone then started copying the comment on Instagram, and ‘nah he tweakin’ memes started flooding Twitter. Here is a roundup of all the most hilarious ones…

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21 hilarious ‘nah he tweakin’ memes

Googling ‘nah he tweakin’ like…

Unemployed people after a long day of spamming ‘nah he tweakin’.

Me after I saw the 2576th comment.

If I see it ONE MORE TIME.

Instagram’s comments section looks like this.

Getting angry now.


Accurate representation of everyone’s confusion.

When I keep seeing ‘nah he tweakin’ all day.

Still trying to work out what it means.

How everyone feels right now.

Those commenters are strange.

Instagram has gone into meltdown.

What it’s like being on Instagram today.

This is everyone’s brain.

Hats? Really?

Me Googling ‘what does nah he tweakin mean?’

Reading the comments feels like this.

Lil Nas X right now.

When you’re trying to read actual comments on Instagram.

The internet is a strange place.

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