BTS ARMY is alarmed as it looks like BTS RM’s Spotify has been hacked. The fandom started mass tweeting to BigHit Music on August 26th after a Japanese single allegedly performed by the Bangtan leader and written by KKK.K was released on RM’s account.

BTS RM currently boasts over 2.24 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The Grammy-nominated singer released his last mixtape in 2018, titled ‘Mono.’ Alongside the record-breaking album, RM’s discography in Spotify includes several other popular singles like Change and Tokyo.

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Is BTS RM’s Spotify hacked?

On the morning of August 26, BTS ARMY discovered that a new Japanese single has been released from Namjoon, aka RM’s Spotify account. The single titled ‘Tsunagarukiseki’ is said to be written by someone named KKK.K.

BTS RM’s Spotify (Spotify)

Alarmed BTS ARMY urges BigHit Music to take action

BTS ARMY quickly spotted the oddity of RM’s Spotify and took to Twitter to let BigHit Music know that there’s something strange going on.

A fan wrote: “RM’s Spotify account is showing a Japanese songs Tsunagarukiseki written by KKK_K. We suspect that the account might be hacked Please take the required measures.”

Fans also urged Spotify to take the necessary measures. One wrote: “There is a lot of confusion and suffering in our fandom so please settle this out as fast as possible.”

BTS account continues to be under attack

This is not the first time this year that an official BTS account has been hacked. On March 9, 2021, BTS’ TikTok account was hacked by anonymous users who shared a number of creepy message clips. One even included a scary picture of a hammer.

Though the official account was retrieved within a few hours, a news channel reported that North Korea might have been behind the planned hack.

BTS ARMY gears up for the collab of century

Amidst all the chaos, BTS ARMY is gearing up for another legendary release on Friday, August 27. BTS x Megan’s ‘Butter’ remix will drop at 1 PM KST/ 12 AM EST.

The collaboration has been already dubbed as the ‘collab of the century.’

Will ‘Butter’ exceed its already optimum sensuousness with the Grammy-winning singer featuring in it? Know all about the single right here.

Stream BTS RM’s Spotify discography down below

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