The TV shows we watched as kids will always hold special places in our hearts and when it was announced that iCarly would be making a comeback in 2021, it sparked a huge amount of excitement and trepidation.

However, following the show’s arrival on Paramount+ in June, any nerves about the iCarly reboot were quickly put to rest as the series felt just like stepping back into our respective childhoods.

Since the series debuted in June, new episodes have been airing weekly but just how many episodes are there in season 1 of the iCarly reboot and will there be an episode 14?

iCarly Reboot Trailer

iCarly Reboot Trailer

iCarly episode 13 recap

The 13th episode of Paramount+’s iCarly arrived on our screens on August 26th, 2021.

Titled iReturn to Webicon, a reference to the original iCarly, episode 13 sees Carly receive an invitation to the prestigious convention as she’s going to be given a lifetime achievement award for her web show.

However, when Carly and the gang arrive at the island where the ceremony is due to take place, they discover that it has been cancelled.

Instead of finding a packed convention, the gang discovers surprise returnee, Beau, Carly’s ex-boyfriend who broke up with Carly in episode 1.

Beau’s return causes tension between Carly and her current boyfriend, Wes, and by the end of the episode, Beau and Carly admit that they still have feelings for each other, leaving fans with an agonising cliffhanger.


How many episodes in iCarly season 1?

  • Season 1 of the iCarly reboot will consist of 13 episodes in total.

That’s right, August 26th’s episode 13 was the final instalment in season 1.

Sadly, that means there will not be an episode 14 released on September 2nd despite the cliffhanger in this week’s episode.

The 13-episode season length mirrors that of iCarly’s final season on Nickelodeon, which also had 13 instalments.


Will iCarly return for season 2?

  • Yes, Paramount+ has confirmed that iCarly is renewed for season 2.

The renewal announcement came on July 15th, less than one month after the iCarly reboot had premiered on Paramount+.

Very few details have been announced regarding season 2 of iCarly but it is expected that the second batch of episodes will address the frustrating cliffhanger that left Carly’s love life up in the air.

Alongside the season 2 announcement, Paramount+ confirmed that filming on the new season will begin in Los Angeles in fall 2021.


Season 1 of the iCarly reboot is available to stream now in full on Paramount+ after the finale aired on August 26th.

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