It’s that time of year again! McDonald’s Monopoly is BACK!

McDonald’s Monopoly is finally back after a two-year absence due to Coronavirus restrictions, and the prizes are bigger and better than ever. They are offering fast-food fanatics the chance to win £100,000, a holiday to Ibiza and the most sought after and exclusive prize of all – a VIP Gold Card.

The 1,000 lucky winners of the Gold Cards will get the ultimate VIP treatment as they will be able to claim a free medium meal from their local restaurant for an entire year!

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What can you win?

Instant Win Prizes

This is your best chance of winning as McDonald’s are giving away a whopping 50,000,000 this year! In fact, there is one winner every two minutes in each McDonald’s.

You can win apple pies, doughnuts, ice cream, hash browns, fries and plenty more! There are even some massive non-food prizes up for grabs, such as cash, a TV and of course the VIP Gold Card.

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Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Online Prizes

Every McDonald’s item that has a sticker on will also include a code for an online cash prize draw.

Two online prizes are won every minute while the promotion is running, so why not give it a go! You can win between £5 to £100 in cash and non-cash prizes like gift cards, gym passes or even food vouchers to use at McDonald’s.

Property ‘Set’ Prizes

With the property ‘set’ prizes all you have to do is collect to win! It’s as simple as that! Once you have collected all of the stickers for one particular colour you will win one of the amazing prizes up for grabs.

Has anyone actually won McDonald’s Monopoly prizes?

In a FAQ on the McDonald’s website, the fast-food giant reply to this question with a definitive “Yes!”

They say that they have given away “millions of prizes” to “millions of people” in the UK over the years.

The Express reported that: “In 2018, a whopping 8,006,175 prizes were claimed, including 6 Mini Coopers, three £100k prizes, two £25k prizes and a Universal Holiday.”

How long does McDonald’s Monopoly run for

  • It will run for a total of six weeks.

McDonald’s Monopoly will run from 11.30 am on Wednesday, August 25 until 11.59 pm on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

Most prizes have to be claimed by October and November 2021, but some prizes can be claimed until 31st January 2022.