The Milk Crate Challenge, which sees people attempt to climb up a staircase made of milk crates, has taken the internet by storm and is the latest dangerous trend to go viral.

The challenge is much harder than it looks and has caused injuries to many of the people who have tried it.

Because of this, the milk crate challenge hashtag was removed from TikTok. Any users attempting to search #milkcratechallenge are met with a message that reads:

“This phrase may be associated with behaviour or content that violates our guidelines. Promoting a safe and positive experience is TikTok’s top priority.”

Have there been any deaths directly from the Crate Challenge?

A shocking milk crate challenge video went viral after it appeared that a shooting took place as a man was doing the challenge.

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In the video, a man can be seen attempting the milk crate challenge while at least three people are watching him. Suddenly, gunshots are heard and the person filming the video flees the spot to hide behind a parked car nearby.

The shooting took place outside Linwood Public Charter School in Shreveport. A local news report confirmed that two people were killed in the shooting, of which one woman was found dead in the backseat of a car.

Did a woman die doing the milk crate challenge?

Another rumour began to circulate that a woman in Dallas had died attempting the challenge.

The woman fell from a stack of crates onto hard concrete outside of a gas station. The person filming the video claims she was “bleeding from the head” and shouts: “Somebody call 911.”

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia told WFAA that police responded to an injured person call and confirmed that the woman did not die but was injured. He said:

“I know there’s been reports that someone lost their life. The report we’ve gotten is that we took an injured person’s report. That individual did not perish from that challenge.”

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