Season 1 of Clickbait arrived on Netflix on August 25th, 2021 and those who are expert binge-watchers are already seeking for season 2.

Warning: Clickbait spoilers ahead

Outlining the dangers of social media, Clickbait fittingly warns its viewers about the consequence of catfishing and then kicks it up a notch. It’s kind of like the MTV TV show, but creators Tony Ayres and Christian White have added serious consequences into the loop.

Clickbait stars Adrian Grenier (Entourage) as Nick Brewer, a devoted family man whose life becomes derailed as he’s sucked into crime fueled by online fame.

Kidnapped and forced to advertise himself as a cheater and abuser on video, his life is put at risk if the sadistic clip reaches 5 million views, sending his family into a frenzy in an attempt to rescue him.

There are a plethora of dangers of the web, so there’s endless possibilities for Netflix to continue Clickbait, so will there be season 2?

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A limited series

  • Clickbait is billed as a limited mini-series, so another season does not look likely.

With that being said, HBO’s Little Big Lies was originally advertised as a miniseries since it is based on Lianne Moriarty’s novel of the same title. After winning numerous Emmy’s and Golden Globes, HBO greenlit a second series, with Lianne writing a novella just to keep the show going.

Similarly, their superhero drama Watchmen was promoted as an ongoing series, but that took a turn when showrunner Damon Lindelof quit after season 1. Now, it is labelled as a ‘limited series’ because its future is unclear.

So technically, Netflix are not looking for expand Clickbait right now, but it’s not unheard of to change the status of shows in the entertainment business.

The Starling | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Starling | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clickbait ending explained

Nick Brewer is presented as the protagonist in episode 1, but Netflix pulls a Game of Thrones on us when his body is found washed up in a remote area by Detective Amir (Phoenix Raei) at the end of episode 2.

Just as we got comfortable, we’re hit with a plot twist and the question of, what on earth is going to happen if the main guy is gone?

Secrets don’t die with him; his wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) is uncovered to be unfaithful, as was Nick.

The episodes uncover him as a serial cheater, causing the death of Sarah’s suicide, which on the surface totally seemed to be his fault when he’s caught saying “do it, go ahead I don’t care”.

The true offender is…

Nick’s profile pictures are found on his colleague Matt’s laptop, so all fingers are pointed to him.

However, if you’re good at spotting hints, you would’ve caught on in episode 7 that Dawn, the receptionist at the school, was the true culprit because she was the one who unlocked Matt’s PC for Pia (Zoe Kazan) to find the images – it’s always the quiet ones.

Bored with her own love life, she channeled her anger into bringing misery onto other women online, deleting them after giving them hope as Nick. Her husband Ed isn’t the most attentive but when Dawn is stuck in a dilemma, he’s steps it up a.k.a. kill Nick when he confronts her for creating fake profiles.

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