BTS x Megan ‘Butter’ remix, dubbed as the ‘collab of the century’, is coming, and BTS ARMY is speculating an MV (music video). BTS and Megan Thee Stallion’s collaboration is set to drop on Friday, August 27th.

The collaboration, which is expected to be another major hit for the artists, did not come along easily. BTS ARMY learned on August 24th about the elaborate court case and the push and pull between Megan’s music agency, 1507 Entertainment, and the artist herself to make it happen.

Furthermore, the report claimed that BTS’ label, HYBE, tried to provide all the help to the Grammy-winning Hip-hop artist to make the BTS X Megan ‘Butter’ remix happen!

Will BTS X Megan ‘Butter’ remix have an MV?

With the final confirmation of BTS and Megan’s bop dropping, the question of the hour is: Will the remix have a music video?

BTS ARMY has collected enough clues to argue that it might just have another stunning video to commemorate the special collab.

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BTS ARMY reposted snaps that Megan shared on Instagram a few weeks ago, sporting purple nails against yellow background.’BTS ‘Butter’ theme’, they screamed.

RM, aka Kim Namjoon, also hinted at the collab earlier on Weverse where the Bangtan leader wrote: ‘Sorry for not answering all the sweeeeeeeeeet posts. But you all are truly the sweetest thang.’

A fan theorized: “Namjoon really posted “Thang” and used 8 freaking candies (on weverse) !!?? A whole hint !!!”

BTS ARMY manifests Bangtan to ‘twerk’

BTS ARMY has started holding prayer circles for a music video and for Bangtan Boys to officially twerk! An excited fan gushed: “Could you imagine if we got another Butter music video with this Megan Thee Stallion remix & it’s just BTS twerking in tank tops & shorts.”

“Manifesting twerk battle between Megan and BTS rapline Rap battle between Megan and BTS vocal line,” a second fan shared.

A third fan admitted: “I’ve been imagining BTS twerk since the collab news was out. I couldn’t stop it. This is insane.”

BTS ARMY arranges ‘THEE ARMY’ fund for Black and Afghan women to celebrate

To commemorate the happy occasion, BTS ARMY has started ‘THEE ARMY’ fund. All the money that will come from crowdfunding will be donated for the welfare of women.

A fan explained: ‘Okay Purple Soldiers, Let’s Go! We’ve put together the #TheeARMYFund to help raise 100k as a gift to @theestallion and to celebrate the new butter remix! Your donations will be split b/w Black Women for Wellness and Women for Afghan Women.”

The $100k figure mentioned is also a clap back at Megan’s company, 1501 Entertainment, who demanded the same amount from the artist to make the collaboration happen.

Waiting for ‘BTS X Megan’ Butter remix? Check out the collaboration on August 27 at 1 PM KST/ 12 AM ET.

Stream ‘Butter’ ‘hotter’ remix here.

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