If you’ve been eager to return to Wentworth ever since tuning into ‘The Enemy Within’ last September, you’re not the only one.

Created by Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, and Reg Watson, the Australian series originally premiered on SoHo back in 2013 and served as a new take on Prisoner, a show which debuted in 1979 and aired throughout the 80s.

As the years have passed its reputation has grown considerably, with new audiences becoming utterly transfixed by the journey of Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) and others within the walls of the titular prison.

Although new episodes in 2021 are officially billed as part 2 of season 8, most audiences are referring to it as the ninth season. It began premiering with the episode ‘Rogue’ on Tuesday, August 24th 2021.

Since then, fans have been keen to know the details of its schedule. So, here’s where to watch Wentworth season 9…

Fox Showcase

Where to watch Wentworth season 9: Live and streaming

For Australian audiences, you can check out new episodes live on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm on Fox Showcase. As the first has already aired, the second and next episode is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, August 31st 2021.

For UK viewers, on the other hand, new episodes of Wentworth Prison will debut on the free-to-air channel 5STAR on the same date at 10pm BST.

The ninth season will be made up of 10 episodes in total, so if there are no hiatuses the finale is expected to arrive in the last week of October.

Although you can check out episodes as they air in both territories, it’s worth knowing how to stream them in the event you miss one. So, let’s get the UK and Australia streaming situation explained too.

Fans in Australia can stream on Foxtel Now and Finder highlights that Fox Showcase is available with the Essentials pack, priced at $25 a month. New customers also get a 10-day free trial.

Alternatively, UK audiences can head to the My5 streaming service and the latest installments will be streamable once they hit screens on 5Star each week.

If you’re also in the mood to look back and binge previous seasons, you’ll be thrilled to hear that they are available with Foxtel on-demand or Foxtel Now and on My5.

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

Saying goodbye to Wentworth

Unfortunately, you’ve heard right. It’s already been officially confirmed that the ninth will be the final season of Wentworth.

The second batch of episodes of season 8 has aptly been titled The Final Sentence and Foxtel’s executive director of TV – Brian Walsh – addressed the hefty renewal a while back during a conversation with TV Tonight:

“Foxtel is proud and delighted to confirm a further 20 episodes of the renewal of this much-loved drama is testament to Foxtel’s unwavering commitment to Australian story-telling.”

So, although we’re set to say goodbye this year, we won’t have to face the end just yet.

The end of an era

The Daily Mail notes that the filming of the final season was somewhat problematic because of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the cast have weighed in.

Kate Atkinson (who plays Vera Bennett) explained: “We were royally ripped off, actually. We couldn’t do any of those little rituals [like a wrap party]. We couldn’t even go in for a hug.”

However, the performers have also looked back on their time aboard the show with great fondness. For example, Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith) said: “For me, that was the beauty of Wentworth, [forming] some fantastic friendships and some really strong creative relationships as well.”