You might have come across the Jack-O Challenge on social media this week and, well, if you want to take part, you’re going to need to be pretty flexible.

Those gymnastic classes might actually pay off for this one.

What is the Jack-O challenge?

You’ve likely seen the challenge take social media by storm, but what actually is it? It sure is pretty big amongst the gaming community.

Well, the whole thing actually derives from Guilty Gear Strive’s latest DLC character, Jack-O.

Essentially, social media users are attempting to recreate Jack-O’s extremely flexible (uncomfortable?) pose, aided by ‘#jackochallenge’.

Those who are partaking in the trend are drawing popular characters in the ‘style’ of Jack-O – though some are even physically trying out the pose for themselves!

The character is due to make her debut on the game’s character select screen this Friday (27th August).

5 examples of the viral challenge

Not quite grasping it? Take a look at these examples:

Two Jack-O poses!

Deadpool is even getting involved…

He’s doing the thing.

I approve.

Great attempt.

Can the Jack-O challenge be dangerous?

As you can see from those who have tried and tested the challenge, the character’s stance requires a little bit of flexibility – so it’s best to try at your own caution.

We assume that the pose could be pretty damaging on your back, so take this as a warning before trying it out.

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