On August 24, Aba and Preach decided to post a video about Trisha Paytas. In their upload, Preach alleged that Paytas means something in French. However, is it really true?

Aba and Preach’s remark on Trisha comes days after the duo got into a YouTube drama with Fresh and Fit. While the beef between the two ended, it looks like Aba and Preach are far from done when it comes to talking about Trisha and her beliefs.

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Aba and Preach’s video explored

On August 24, Aba and Preach posted a five-minute video talking about Trisha and her stance on Keemstar’s relationship with a 20-year-old.

Ever since Keemstar, 39, spoke about his relationship publicly, Trisha has been vocal about how his partner was too young for him.

At the same time, she posted a YouTube video, which has now been deleted, claiming that an individual’s mind only develops after they are 30. Adding to this, she alleged that Keemstar’s girlfriend was even too young to consent.

Weeks after the release of the video, Aba and Preach decided to comment on the same and recalled a situation where Trisha had worked with a man who was 22 years old.

Taking words out of Trisha’s video, Aba and Preach questioned how the man from the video was able to consent when he was also in his 20s. In the same clip, Preach also touched upon the subject of what ‘Paytas’ means in French.

He claimed the word ‘Paytas’ meant wh**re. However, that is not the case.

What does ‘Paytas’ mean in French?

The word ‘Paytas’ is often used as an individual or family’s name. It is more commonly heard in the US as compared to France.

However, the word that Preach was referring to in his video was “Pétasse,” which has the same pronunciation as the word ‘Paytas.’ This word is often used as slang for wh**re or bi**ch.

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What did Trisha Paytas say about Keemstar’s relationship?

On August 5, Trisha posted a YouTube video, which has now been deleted, speaking about Keemstar’s relationship. She slammed the Drama Alert podcast host for “manipulating and grooming someone who was so much younger than him.”

In the same video, Trisha alleged that most “20-year-olds don’t have fully developed minds” and how it is only after their 30’s that they can make a decision for themselves.

While Keemstar and Trisha had a big argument over this, the pair was finally able to settle their beef after they appeared together on the Mom’s Basement podcast.

YouTube – Because victory cheers

YouTube – Because victory cheers

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