Once again, fans have been invited back into Wentworth and while heading into a prison to absorb all the drama isn’t exactly appealing, doing it from the comfort of your own home on the sofa sure is.

Created by Lara Radulovich, David Hannam, and Reg Watson, this Australian series originally premiered on SoHo back in 2013, serving as a reimagining of the show Prisoner which debuted in 1979 and continued throughout the 80s.

Over the years, it has earned mostly favourable reviews from critics while there’s no doubt that it has become somewhat of a phenomenon amongst general audiences.

It has been a long but captivating journey, but season 9 – or season 8 part 2, officially – is expected to deliver the most powerful and important batch of episodes to date.

We were welcomed back into the fold and within the familiar walls with ‘Rogue’ this August, and the anticipation for the follow-up couldn’t really be higher. So, let’s consider the Wentworth season 9 episode 2 release date and where to watch…

Fox Showcase

Wentworth season 9 episode 2 release date

The second episode premieres in Australia on Tuesday, August 31st 2021 at 8:30 pm, over on Fox Showcase.

In the UK, on the other hand – where it has been retitled Wentworth Prison – it will be screening on the free-to-air channel 5STAR on the same date at 10pm BST.

The episode is titled ‘Requiem’ and will be followed up by ‘The Ties That Bind’, with subsequent episodes expected to arrive weekly.

While many of you will be eager to tune in when the episode airs, it’s fair to say that sometimes plans get in the way of quality television. With this in mind, it’s always worth knowing where you can stream it at your own convenience instead.

If you’re in Australia and wish to stream then you can do so over on Foxtel Now. Finder includes that Fox Showcase is available with the Essentials pack, priced at $25 a month. However, if you’re a new customer then you can access a 10-day free trial.

Also, as an added bonus, previous seasons are available with Foxtel on-demand or Foxtel Now.

For UK fans, simply head over to the My5 streaming service and new episodes will be made accessible once they hit screens on 5Star each week. Indeed, they also have seasons 1-8 for your binging pleasure.

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

Wentworth: Season 8 Trailer

The Final Sentence…

Although fans would be happy to see it continue, all good things must come to an end and Wentworth is no exception.

It has already been confirmed that season 8 is the final season of the series, but has been divided into two parts; this is why most are referring to season 8 part 2 as season 9.

The first part was titled Wentworth: Redemption while the second is aptly called Wentworth: The Final Sentence. Both are made up of 10 episodes each, so there are still some miles to go before the end of the road.

While in conversation with TV Tonight, Foxtel’s executive director of TV – Brian Walsh – clarified ahead of the season:

“Foxtel is proud and delighted to confirm a further 20 episodes of the renewal of this much-loved drama is testament to Foxtel’s unwavering commitment to Australian story-telling.”

It’s sure to be a difficult goodbye, but hopefully a memorable and satisfying one.

Welcome back to Wentworth

Since it reappeared on screens after an almost one-year absence, fans have taken the time to celebrate its return over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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