Need a breakdown for the upcoming One Piece chapter? We reveal the release date and time for chapter 1023, as well as the spoilers that have leaked online!

One Piece has been a landmark series for over two decades, selling more than 490 million copies and becoming not only the best-selling manga in history, but one of the highest-grossing media franchises in history.

However, the One Piece manga series is about to reach a landmark, the release of its 100th editorial volume next week in Japan.

Yet, Volume 100 is still only on the horizon, launching on September 3rd, meaning that all of our attention will be back on the weekly chapter release.

In this article, we breakdown everything you need to know about One Piece chapter 1023.

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One Piece chapter 1023: Release date and time

  • One Piece chapter 1023 is currently scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, August 29th at 9 AM PDT.

The launch date has been confirmed by Viz Media, with the new chapter expected to release online at the following times around the world:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM PDT
  • Eastern Time: 12 PM EDT
  • British Time: 5 PM BST
  • European Time: 6 PM CEST
  • India Time: 9.30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 12 AM PHT
  • Australia Time: 1.30 AM ACST

Viz offers both the first three and latest three chapters for free; if you want to catch up on any of the other instalments then you will need to become a Viz Member, which costs only $1.99 a month.

One Piece chapter 1023: Spoilers and leaks…

Spoiler warning: This section will discuss the spoilers for OP 1023 that have leaked online.

Chapter 1023 will be titled ‘As alike as two peas in a pod’ and opens with Queen and King recovering from the attack from Zoro and Sanji. Everyone is surprised to see King and Queen fall, but Hyogoro tells the onlookers not to interfere.

Marco remembers what Whitebeard told him about a ‘land of the gods on the Red Line’ and as Izou protects him from the Beast Pirates’ subordinates, the fight continues between King and Queen vs Sanji and Zoro.

Zoro notices that something is wrong with Sanji, who says that his body feels weird after using the Raid Suit for the second time. Queen’s attack is blocked but berates him for being “Germa’s cyborg” – Sanji snaps back that he is 100% human.

Queen is curious whether a normal human could create fire, with some indication that this is linked to King’s race. King steals two of Zoro’s swords and appears to land a punch to his head, but Zoro is barely able to avoid the direct force.

Hyogoro and Kawamatsu are also discussing Zoro, saying that his fighting reminds them of Ringo’s Lord Shimotsuki Ushimaru, as well as the legendary samurai Shimotsuki Ryuma.

We then see three epic fights continue; with both Jack vs Inuarashi and Raizou vs Fukurokuju on the 2nd floor, whilst Perospero vs Nakomamushi takes place outside the castle.

Cut to the coast where a giant dragon has appeared in front of Luffy, it’s Momonosuke!

It is then revealed that Momonosuke is now an adult at 28 years old after Shinobu aged him with her powers. Luffy, amazed at this transformation, screams “Come on Momo!! Let’s go back to Wanokumi!!!”

A new set of special chapters…

The One Piece franchise will also be getting three new special chapters from surprise creators.

The first will be produced by Naoshi Komi, who worked on Nisekoi, “which set the longest serialization record of love comedy genre works in the magazine.” This chapter will focus on “Bibi’s Adventure” and will release alongside chapter 1023.

The next will be the fourth instalment of the ‘Sanji of Shokugeki’ story from Food Wars Soma’s Yuto Tsukuda, set to launch on September 6th.

Finally, we have Professor Sohei Koji’s ‘One Piece Gakuen’, which will be available from September 13th.

Is there a new anime episode airing too?

Yes, episode 989 is scheduled to premiere at 10 PM EDT on Saturday, August 28th via the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

The episode is titled ‘The Pact Between Men” The Fierce Fighting of Brachio Tank!” – see below for a brief preview video.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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