Hulu’s newest mini-series Nine Perfect Strangers premiered on August 18, featuring an impressive ensemble cast such as Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy. With only four episodes left, when will episode 5 be released?

Nicole Kidman sports a blond Elsa-inspired wig for Nine Perfect Strangers, her third mini-series collaboration with writer David E. Kelley; the other series being HBO’s Big Little Lies and The Undoing.

However, according to critics, the pair has not perfected their partnership yet as Nine Perfect Strangers has been receiving mixed reviews. With a near-identical plot to HBO’s The White Lotus, Hulu’s attempt bears the burden of following Mike White’s take on the life of the super-rich jetted off to a luxurious and relaxing resort, or so they thought.

Filled with an ensemble cast with the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Regina King and Luke Evans, it’s likely that Hulu are paying a premium price tag for the star-studded cast, the same way the guests are in order to detoxify themselves from their privileged troubles.

Nine Perfect Strangers welcomes its guests into Tranquillum House for a Goop-inspired retreat and with that said, Nicole is our Gwenyth Paltrow combined with side of sinister, thanks to her near-death experience.

The series is already halfway through, so find out when episode 5 drops to keep with Masha and her clueless patrons.

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Episode 4 recap

The episode picks up from Heather questioning Masha whether she had been drugging them. It was never confirmed at the end of episode 3, but obviously she was – how else is she going to keep control of her pack?

Masha unexpectedly admits to her guests that she’s has been micro-dosing them with mushrooms, but what is even more strange, is that all nine of them are choosing to stay at Tranquillum; the successful brainwashing has begun because clearly they’re ignoring the red flags.


Previously, Carmel revealed her anger towards attractive younger women since her husband left her, and episode 4 exposes how fragile and unconfident she really is when she unveils the scar her husband gave her on her breast when they were being passionate, like a memorabilia.


Football player Tony get unknowingly weened off his drugs but he’s now under the influence of Masha’s mushrooms. He takes the audience into his violent past, where he killed a drunk fan at a bar after punching him and gave him brain bleeding. The mushrooms are making him vulnerable and it’s clear that the guilt is eating him up.


Meanwhile, Masha’s own life becomes increasingly in danger as she receives an anonymous call and is adamant it’s the person threatening her. The end of the episode confirms her suspicions when she discovers someone has entered her lodge, smashing a vase in the process and the wall is decorated with a threatening note, “It’s Good To Die.”

Episode 5 release date: Hulu and Amazon Prime

Titled “Sweet Surrender”, it will be available for UK and Australian viewers on Amazon Prime on Friday, September 3rd at 8am GMT; all episodes for international audiences are released two days after Hulu.

Everybody Has A Story | Nine Perfect Strangers | Hulu

Everybody Has A Story | Nine Perfect Strangers | Hulu

Possible storyline for episode 5

Episode 5 will probably show Masha on the mission to find her killer and judging from her reaction, this isn’t the first time she’s seen the message and it’s someone close to her, so there’s an uninvited guest at the retreat.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the threat is only after Masha; it also puts the guests in danger, particularly if the killer is ready to strike on her but the others become obstacles.

She now has one element out of her hands, so it would be interesting to see whether Masha projects that lack on control onto the guests by increasing their drug doses and with them high, there could be a huge range of plot twists.

If the title is any hint, Sweet Surrender may signify the end of her reign at Tranquillum, with a new leader conquering the spa.

In terms of Tony, the guilt for his involuntary manslaughter could become too overwhelming and with the strength that he possess, he is his own demise perhaps before the 10 days are over.

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