Twitter is flooded with ‘gaslighting’ scandal stories surrounding NCT Lucas. The K-pop star took to Instagram to apologise for a cheating controversy that he has been involved in.

SM Entertainment separately apologized for causing a scene. If you are wondering what the controversy is all about, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!

NCT Lucas was first accused of cheating and gaslighting by a social media user who introduced herself as his former girlfriend. She accused the singer of being unfaithful in their relationship, while also taking money from her.

Later, two more Chinese citizens came forward to claim that they were former fans of the NCT artist. Lucas allegedly approached them, slept with them, and asked them to give him expensive gifts.

One social media user also claimed that the K-pop artist has discussed fellow members’ behaviors, calling them ‘disobedient and lazy.’ He reportedly also accused a group member of ‘stealing’ his ‘fashion’ jobs.

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NCT Lucas’ ‘gaslighting’ scandal explained

NCT Lucas was first accused of the gaslighting scandal by a Korean citizen on August 23rd. According to Soompi, the user blamed Lucas for gaslighting her with comments like: “I don’t like that you’re too much like a fan.” He even allegedly said, “Don’t be a fan of an idol anymore.”

The user further explained what happened with Lucas. She wrote: “He always came to the hotel room, ordered room service, slept, and left. From the moment we checked out, he would go off the radar and keep his distance, saying he felt uncomfortable. He didn’t say a single word of gratitude and took it for granted that I was paying for him.” 

If this wasn’t enough, Lucas was dragged into more controversy by two other Chinese citizens who claimed to have had similar experiences within the same timeframe.

The first accuser also uploaded screenshots of her call history and claimed that the NCT artist contacted her and asked to meet up as soon as she divulged her personal experiences online.

How did Lucas apologise

While fans debated the truth behind all the allegations, WayV Lucas came forward to apologize for causing harm and pain to the ones who were hurt. He uploaded a handwritten letter on his Instagram account as an apology.

In an elaborate letter, Lucas wrote: “I apologize to those who were hurt by my wrong behavior. If you give me a chance, I would like to personally convey my words of apology.

“I also genuinely apologize to my fans who have given me lots of love and support. While watching the situation during the past few days, I have looked back on my past behavior and sincerely reflected on it.

“Looking back on my behavior of the past, it was clearly wrong, and it was an irresponsible behavior that betrayed the support that my fans have shown me for a long time.”

SM Ent issued a separate statement apologizing for ‘poor artist management.’ The Entertainment mogul notified that Lucas will be halting all present activities to deeply reflect on his past actions.

Lucas fans react to the cheating and gaslighting controversy

Fans of NCT Lucas had mixed reactions to the ‘gaslighting’ scandal. While some were shocked and felt hurt, others defended the singer.

A user tweeted: “This Lucas situation is so annoying like it really is not a big deal. Even if it was true, what are we supposed to do about him cheating on his girlfriend.”

Another fan commented: “There’s this thread abt Lucas cheating saying he doesn’t have a gf and telling them to buy expensive gifts and such. But that thread was deleted by op saying that she just made it 4 fun bcs she hates him. The location in the photo where this so called evidence doesn’t exist–“

Some fans had different opinions about Lucas’ apology. One said: “SM forcing Lucas to write an apology letter even though all the evidences are fake, edited fabricated or whatever you think that it’s not true.”

A second fan commented on Lucas’ apology, saying: “Based on Lucas’s apology it seems as though even the photos were (some) edited – the context of the allegations seems to be true. Its a personal thing – I wouldn’t say its acceptable but at the same time I hope he learns from this and im glad he has taken accountability.”

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