‘Karen’ videos are all the rage on the internet right now.

Just last week, a woman dubbed ‘gym Karen‘ went viral after she moaned about people in a public gym walking in front of her camera.

Not long before that, a video took over the internet that saw a ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ going crazy in the popular underwear store.

Now, there’s another Karen video taking over TikTok, and this one’s bound to rile you up.

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer

‘Karen’ accuses man of parking on her driveway

This week, a TikTok user called Cody posted a video on his profile @motmcodyin in which he detailed his experience with a ‘Karen’.

Cody’s neighbour accused him of parking on her driveway and as payback, has parked in front of his driveway.

In the clip, Cody walks over to his neighbour and asks “is there a problem?” to which she replies: “Yeah, move your car out of the way.”

He then pans the camera round to reveal that he has parked in front of her house, but is not blocking the entrance to her driveway.

“She’s upset because there’s a car parked here. Last time I checked, this is legal. She thinks that this is her parking area, so she decided to park in front of my house,” he said.

The neighbour then threatens to call the cops, and Cody shouts: “You don’t own that side of the street.”

She then disappears inside her house and reappears to continue the argument, claiming that they do own the section of road outside of their house.

Cody explains the backstory

After the original video gained 1.2 million views, Cody returned to TikTok to post a story time explaining exactly what happened.

He explained that this is actually the second interaction he has had with the neighbour and revealed that they caused an argument weeks before when his family parked across their driveway.

Cody said that she even left a note telling them to move their car otherwise it would be towed.

He then claims that they went round to return the note and the woman acted as if she didn’t know what was going on, blaming it on her daughter.

Then, Cody’s parents came round again and parked their car in the same spot, which is when the argument in the TikTok video occurred.


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The cops then arrived

In a third video, Cody explained that the cops arrived and asked her to move her car away from his driveway.

However, he revealed that after the police left, she backed her car up so it was covering a small portion of his driveway again.

In the comments, people have been telling him to tow the car away.

“You can tow it if it blocks your driveway in any way,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Just get it towed. No warnings.”

Stay tuned to Cody’s TikTok profile for more updates.

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