Kendall Jenner is the face of Jacquemus’ new campaign, and fans aren’t happy about it.

The 25-year-old has modelled for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands, including Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy, Calvin Klein and many more, and is considered one of the best models in the world.

However, her latest photo for French fashion house Jacquemus hasn’t had a great reaction, and people on Twitter are slamming the brand’s new Instagram photo.

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Kendall Jenner models for Jacquemus

On Monday, Jacquemus announced their new campaign with Kendall Jenner.

They had already teased Kendall’s “LA MONTAGNE” collection seven weeks ago, but they didn’t give any insight as to what the fashion collaboration would include.

This week, they posted a new photo that showed Kendall completely naked, sporting a pink handbag, matching pink mules and long red socks.

In the image, she hung on a flimsy-looking green rope with a few green tennis balls.

It’s completely bizarre, and exactly what you would expect from Jacquemus, but the snap taken by photographer Drew Vickers has had a lot of criticism.

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Fans slam Jacquemus’ Kendall Jenner photo

It’s safe to say fans aren’t too keen on the photo, and they’ve been open about it in the comments.

One person sarcastically joked: “Love her lack of energy, go on girl give us nothing!”

“I feel bad but she always makes me uncomfy. Like this is a cool shoot snd she’s just… there LOL,” said another.

A third person added: “I could fall asleep seeing this picture. Boring asf.”

“Of all the models in the world, why always her. She’s so so boring,” commented another.

She might be one of the biggest supermodels in the world, but fans thought the image was incredibly boring and have been heavily critiquing her modelling technique.

Over on Twitter, people have been discussing the image too.

One person said: “She consistently does some of the most boring, banal work in the industry which mostly serves to remind people that she achieved her job through nepotism, not talent. Her campaign with Jacquemus is yet another example.”

“I don’t understand how Kendall can be Jacquemus’ muse when her face/presence/general aura are so uninspiring,” added another.

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A third fan tweeted: “I hope Jacquemus stops using Kendall Jenner as their muse cause it’s just making their brand more BASIC than it already is.”

However, another noted that they could have actually done it on purpose, writing:

“Knowing Jacquemus, they probably did it on purpose. Choosing the blandest pic of Kendall to create a discourse on the internet. They’re very social media savvy.”

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