Keemstar’s relationship has been a whirlwind – it looks as though things are over before they even got started. Fans need to know: is the Drama Alrt host still with his girlfriend?

Keemstar, aka Daniel Keem, is no stranger to controversies and drama. The YouTuber has found himself in the midst of many feuds on plenty of occasions in the past.

He recently locked horns with internet star Trisha Paytas, after revealing that he was dating someone almost 20 years younger than him.

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Who is Keemstar’s rumoured girlfriend?

The 39-year-old didn’t tag the mystery girl in the above Instagram picture. However, eagle-eyed fans were quick to sleuth out her name and found her socials.

If the said fans are to be believed, Keemstar’s rumoured girlfriend is Christine Youngman. She has over 2,000 followers on Instagram but her account remains private at the moment. Her social handle reveals that she is originally from Austin, Texas, but resides in Buffalo, New York now.

Christine is 20 years old, which makes Keemstar 19 years her senior.

The Youtuber allegedly met her at a fan meet up, which she had attended with her friend. The YouTuber has also revealed that she wasn’t acquainted with him or his internet fame when they first met.

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Drama with Trisha Paytas explored

Ever since he made his relationship public, the Drama Alert host has found himself in the midst of controversy. He locked horns with fellow YouTuber Trisha after the latter posted a video on August 5 chatting about Keemstar’s potential girlfriend.

Trisha slammed Keemstar for “manipulating and grooming someone who was so much younger than him.” She went on to say that most “20-year-olds don’t have fully developed minds”, and hence are unsure of themselves. She further claimed that most younger women date older men for “money, power, fame or maybe because they have some other issues.”

Drawing from her own experience, the YouTuber revealed that she got into such relationships when she was younger because she “had issues with her father.”

“There are so many different levels and reasons of why a young person would do this,” Trisha says in the video.

Her comments clearly didn’t sit well with the Drama Alert star, who took to his Instagram and Twitter to bash her.

Keemstar captioned his Instagram post featuring his girlfriend as: “Trisha I’m never letting (you) sit in my car stay jellybean mad you psycho!!!”

He then took to Twitter and posted a video slamming Trisha. In the clip, the YouTuber stated that his girlfriend wasn’t with him for his money and that she had a job of her own. However, he didn’t mention what line of work she is involved in.

He went on to claim that Christine did not have any “daddy issues” by stating that she has a great relationship with her family.

Fans react to Drama Alert’s host’s relationship

Fans were quick to pick sides in the latest feud. Some lashed out at Keemstar for dating someone way younger than him, while others claimed it was alright as long as both parties were consenting adults.

Here’s how a few fans reacted on Twitter:

Have the couple split?

It wasn’t too long ago since Keemstar announced a potential girlfriend, but fans have recently been pretty sure that the two have called it quits.

The Drama Alert host confirmed the theories with an ‘important announcement’ video, telling fans that things had ended.

Keemstar ended the video with: “The good news is, I am currently single.”

So, there you have it. Things are over for the two before they even really got started!

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